Tay Cody/Etienne Boulay added

So Etienne Boulay and Tay Cody are both thrown into the mix now.

I think this might help this defense out on the coverage. Both are very capable of sparking the Defense with a big hit or play.

Boulay cut from the NFL, Coday having problems with his marriage and custody, are on the team with Khalil Carter...

Excellent news. This should push the existing secondary with some nice healthy competition. To my mind, neither Cox nor Sanchez should feel safe about their respective jobs. Both have been average to poor this season and the addition of Boulay, Cody, Carter, and the two new imports gives us a lot of options.

From what I understand, theres a good chance Boulay will be dressed for Friday night's game in Winnipeg. He'll be taking Chris Smith's place, who replaced Mathieu Proulx.

Cody admits to makeing a mistake and not doing the right thing by not showing up, and is thankful for the 2nd chance that the Als gave him. Hopefully he makes the most of it.

And Khalil Carter, I've always been a fan of his, hopefully he hasn't missed a beat when he dresses for the Als.

We have 16 defensive backs at practice right now, including the practice squad. With Boulay/Cody, I won't go and say were a lot better, but I will say our Defensive Backfield is gonna be a lot more agressive.

I agree.

Nothing frustrates me more than watching Sanchez and Cox play this season. The only thing Cox has going for him right now to me, is his ability to tackle. I see him get burned often, but rarely see him miss a tackle. He also takes a lot of dumb penalties.

I think he suffers from the 'Thyron Anderson Disease' and that's being cut from the NFL, and doesn't think he deserves to be in the CFL.

Boulay coming in at safety would allow us to use Carter in place of Sanchez at the corner, in terms of ratio.

Cody could replace Cox.....I didn't like Hamilton switching Cody to safety last year, he was like a fish out of water in that spot....the guy's a HB and should be played there. He hits as hard as, if not better than, Cox, so if his coverage is superior let's get him in there.

Agreed with both of you. My starting secondary would be:

Carter (CB)
Drew (HB)
Boulay (S)
Cody (HB)
Estelle (CB)

Estelle is still injured AFAIK, so I guess Sanchez stays in for now. One advantage to Sanchez staying in is with Boulay, we have two NIs in the secondary and can afford to dress an import at another position ... like uh, maybe, LINEBACKER?? :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have the flexibility of Taylor, Hunt, Ferri, and Hill rotating in depending on the play and down. We could even run a 4-3 scheme on 2nd and long when pass coverage is more important than run D.

Splendid posts guys. All of you are great fans with good diagnostic skills. I will add a little to the mix. One thing I have noted is the Als have a better defensive rush this year. With the secondary changes as you describe and the improved rush [ we lead the league here ] we might put to pasture the poor defense we have suffered through. In addition, I was impressed with Chris Smith. He put great pressure re the safety blitz. We have not really seen this since the days of Barron Miles and Smith would be a good back up should injuries occur.

We agree too much............we never fight and argue like fans of other teams !!

Anyway, I agree that Smith looked pretty good at safety, I thought he was very impressive for his first start.

Okay, call me obtuse, but what is the meaning of AFAIK?


As Far As I Know.