Tavoy Moore update

From Drew Edwards at practice,

• injured players Brandon Isaac, Marwan Hage and Tavoy Moore are getting close to being game-ready but it's still early to say whether they'll play Saturday.

Tavoy could be our KR specialist
5' 6" speedball compared to Gizmo, Pinball and Terry Vaughn
This guy can make people miss!

[url=http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/Eskimos+gambled+lost+when+Tiger+Cats+signed+Moore/8573082/story.html]http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/E ... story.html[/url]

[b]Just three weeks ago, the optimism centred on Moore’s potential in Edmonton. The upside, Eskimos general manager Ed Hervey and head coach Kavis Reed said, soared over Moore’s five-foot-six frame. Legendary names were thrown around: Pinball, Gizmo, Terry Vaughn.

If the rest of the league didn’t know about Moore before training camp, they certainly got wind of him once the Eskimos’ rookie started to make headlines and appear on TVs across the country. One man who already knew about Moore’s history is Tiger-Cats consultant and former Eskimos general manager Eric Tillman, who scouted the kick-returner/running back when he was playing at Idaho State.

Needless to say, there’s a cheshire cat-sized grin stretching across Tillman’s face, whether he’s in Hamilton with the Tiger-Cats or working from home in Regina.[/b]

Ti Cat coach John Zamberlin was head coach at Idaho State for four years and coached Tavoy Moore. So the TiCats know TM. probably better than ED ever did.