Tavoy Moore to play Saturday

Compared to Pinball and Gizmo is all that needs to be said!

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/4045972-ticats-running-back-moore-wants-to-lead-on-field-and-in-life-by-example/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/404 ... y-example/[/url]

[b]"The Eskimos were raving about their potential new kick returner, referring to him in public as something special and even invoking the legend of Gizmo Williams, when he injured his knee on the opening kickoff of the first exhibition game. They quickly released him, which seemed more than a trifle incongruous, and likely didn't count upon the Ticats quickly grabbing him, and waiting for his injury to heel.

"He reminds me of Pinball (Clemons) a little bit, although he's bigger," Kent Austin says of Moore, who has 196 pounds of muscle packed onto his 5-foot-6 frame. "I know that's a high compliment. Pinball was a heckuva player. But you look at the skill set, the size, the ability to change direction."

Moore will likely return kicks and see some offensive snaps Saturday and Austin suggests he will be eased into the offence over time."[/b]

The guy is one hell of an athlete, but had an unusual dismissal from Idaho State....Lets see what he brings to the table.


Looking forward to seeing Moore on K-P returns . I think he will fill the void left by Lamar`s injury! :slight_smile:

From the article posted by K/P it looks like Zamberlin and Moore were both 'dimsissed' by Idaho State. I don't put much stock into stuff like that from the past. The truth is always somewhere in the middle of the two sides of any story. What we do know is that Moore is with a club now, led by Austin, who expects his players to act as professionals. If Moore fits in well, performs as expected and conducts himself in a professional manner, he could have a long rewarding career with a team that is going nowhere but up! Bring it Tavoy. Show us what you got and the past (unusual dismissal) will be behind you.

After reading the comments on that article about Idaho's State's head coach, and seeing as how that coach was suspended and almost faced charges for assaulting his own player the following year, I am certainly willing to give Tavoy Moore the benefit of the doubt!


Looking forward to seeing what Moore can do tomorrow. Our return game has been in a bit of a rut since week two...

Totally agree!

Good post, ramoncat :thup:

So he has a disagreement with the coach, tries to solve and and gets booted off the team. The coach assaults a player and gets a one-game suspension. How is this guy still coaching (if he is)! With Austin and his staff, Moore must feel like he died and went to heaven. Coaches aren't going to get respect if they don't treat players with respect!

here's a glowing SUN article on Tavoy Moore..

[b][u]Ticats may have another gem in Tavoy Moore[/u]

Mike Ganter, Toronto Sun
TORONTO - You haven’t seen a lot of him yet, but don’t be surprised if Tavoy Moore becomes one of those names you start to hear a lot more of as the season goes on.

Good chance too you will be seeing a lot of him on highlight reels.

This 5-foot-6, 196-pound bundle of energy is just the latest in what is becoming a long line of specialists and special players the Ticats have picked up from teams who didn’t see the talent they were letting walk.

It goes back a few years with these sneaky Cats, but they’ve managed to snap up the likes of Marcus Thigpen, Chris Williams and now Moore over the past few years for next to nothing. Throw in Lindsey Lamar, who the Tiger-Cats scouted and smartly put on its own neg list, and you begin to see a trend.

In addition to the threat he poses on both punt and kick returns, Moore can line up either in the backfield or as a receiver but the key for him is getting the ball in space and then letting his natural talents take over.[/b]

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2013/08/27/ticats-may-have-another-gem-in-tavoy-moore]http://www.torontosun.com/2013/08/27/ti ... avoy-moore[/url]

This is a great article thanks for sharing.
I didn't like that he fumbled two punts but they were both hard to get to so hes just going to need to learn when to cut his losses and let the ball bounce. When he was on O I thought he looked great and it got me really pumped to see a guy who could be a huge play maker when he gets the ball in space.

Good article, here is some more

[b]The Eskimos either believed or told teams Moore had a torn ACL. Moore himself said he knew right away it was his MCL. Either way the Eskies weren’t willing to put Moore on the nine-game disabled list, a move that would have cost them about $25,000, money that would not count against the cap.

Instead they offered to send him home and pay for his rehab. Moore, though, desperately needed a pay cheque.

[u][i]He had already received word that an eviction notice was on its way if he couldn’t come up with the rent money, his family would be homeless. With a new baby boy, Moore couldn’t let that happen.

“We would have had to move in with someone else,? Moore said. “ I just told (the Eskimos) I couldn’t do that.?

Fortunately Moore had some big backers in Hamilton. Former Eskimos GM Eric Tillman was well aware of his talent. Linebackers coach John Zamberlin had recruited Moore to Idaho State.

The way Moore tells it, he walked out of Edmonton GM Ed Hervey’s office after being told he was being released and right into a limo sent by the Ticats that took him to the airport and flew him directly to Hamilton.

Hamilton immediately did what Edmonton should have done and put Moore on the injured list, where he remained for the first seven games of the season before making his debut Saturday against Winnipeg.[/u][/i]

In his debut, Moore returned both punts and kicks and lined up in the backfield on occasion. In the game he caught three passes for 67 yards and returned five punts and a kickoff. The one downside were a pair of fumbles on his returns. Moore says that won’t happen again.

“I didn’t eat before the game on Saturday,? he said. “I was so anxious to play I didn’t really have an appetite. I ate some fruit but it wasn’t enough. By the time the warmups were over, I had already burned that off. I was playing on nothing. I got dehydrated, got light-headed, my vision got blurry.?

When he started cramping up from the dehydration head coach Kent Austin took him out of the game.[/b]

Watching Moore play,couldn't help but think.......we may have another Thigpen on our roster !!! A great little gadget player that we can use in multiple ways in our offense.He also reminded me of another great little guy we had from 97-04
named Archie Amerson.All 3 of these players are very similiar in size,speed and versatility.Moore kind of looks like a perfect blend of both Thiggie and double "A". :smiley: :thup: :thup:

and also very similar in stature and skill set as another pint sized playmaker in Gizmo Williams.

Haha Best part of the article, glad hes with us! Thanks for sharing Grover! :smiley:

On one of them, it looked like he charged the ball, hoping to catch the coverage team inside the five yard zone, but they (barely) managed to stop in time. Pretty good instincts for his first CFL game; he just needs to get his timing down better on those.

He looks like Pinball Clemons. He has great pass catching ability , speed and quickness.
On one play he took a 2 yard pass made two good tacklers( muamba & Stewart ) miss
and turned it into a 10 yard gain. Our offence has a lot of weapons.