The shadow can only be directly under the ball if the light source which casts the shadow is directly above the ball.

right here

so I ask again
When is it ok to complain about the refs
When you win?
When you lose?

I'm asking, what does this have to do with taunting?

It has to do with taunting because it was a bad call
more bad calls were pointed out

You know very well that thread can drift without being hijacked

No answer my question please

It doesn't matter when you complain about the refs, but when you are constantly complaining win or lose it becomes whining. This was a simple case of whining and nothing whatsoever to do with the topic, period. When the post has absolutely nothing to do with the topic, it is hijacked.

Be prepaired to be notified when you are offtopic
And I have already seen you do your fair share of whining after this game

All done in the context of the topic. Whatever you want to notify me about, fill yer boots. :cowboy: