I am watching the Edmonton vs Montreal game and Emry I think it was, was just called for taunting because he clicked his heels celebrating an interception. How is that taunting and B.C.'s moronic rowboat skit in the endzone last week isn’t.

This is one rule that I don’t understand the rationale for calling.

Emry does exactly the same celebration on his second interception and no call was made.

TSN went looking for the infraction without regards to the most important thing, when was the flag thrown. The flag was thrown immediately after the tackle after Emery stepped over one of the Eskimo tacklers. That's where the infraction occurred, the heel click was well after that. TSN has a bad habit of doing that when the infraction is not obvious.

I'll buy that, now why is it not taunting when a half dozen guys act like absolute morons like the B.C. players did last week.

Because they weren't in an opponent's face when doing their TD celebration, while Emry stepped over an opponent... its the in your face stuff that gets called.

I didn't see him do anything wrong so I have to assume he said something.

I didn't see anything either so I assume it was a bad call. I still have a problem with certain teams doing things with no other purpose than to taunt and not getting penalized.

Let's see

Ridiculous call on Emry (Clearly a marked man) his fault for that
No call holding Tisdale on McCarthy's touchdown
No call on Whitaker's fumble with Laurent BOTH hands inside his grill
Spot the ball on Edmonton's two yard line when the shadow of the ball is clearly seen on through the end zone while the ball is in the air. The ball would have had to do something like the magic bullet that killed three people in Kennedy's assassination to come back out to the two yard line.

Reffing this year is brutal for every team.

You get a gift win and you are still crying. Get a life.

Who’s crying. Get lost.

I don't even know what that means? Rulings aren't made on "shadows".

Actually I find the officiating incredibly consistent. They are as pathetically inconsistent and clueless this year as they have been for at least the last 10 years. That's consistency!

personally the single person celebrations do not bother me at all

Its the ones that use 5 or 6 guys that show no class.

What i liked was Stamps TD he just dropped the ball on the ground like hes done it before, to me that shows more class by a player than the group look at me exercises

If you read what he said, you would see that he feels that there was a bad call in Montreal's favour!
How exactly is that crying?

Now if Montreal had lost and he complains about bad reffing, you would call him a bad loser
Montreal wins and you accuse him of crying....
When exactly is someone allowed to complain about the reffing?

Bad Reffing on both sides. The one that irks me is no late hit on MTL in the first quarter when two defenders take out Stamps and dont let up as they hit him through the sandwich boards . But Grimes gets one late in the forth for a late hit on whitiker . Im sure there were ones both ways but as a Esks fan that one bugged me . The one i still dont understand is the punt that went into the endzone.


If you read what he said, you would see that he feels that there was a bad call in Montreal's favour!
How exactly is that crying?


Which one does he do that and what does any of what he said have to do with taunting. If you don't like people getting on your case, don't hijack the thread.

If the shadow goes in a straight line through the end zone, there is no way the ball could have gone out at the two. It had to go out through the end zone.

I don;t care if all 42 dressed guys all get together to do the dance. The number of players involved in the celebration doesn't matter. A celebration is completely different than taunting.

Taunting is an in your face move. Whether it's getting into one opposing player's grill or yapping at a group of opponents on the sideline from several yards away. A taunt is a taunt. It has nothing to do with celebrating.

You say that when 5 or 6 guys get together you hate it? EVERY TD has about 12 guys come down and high five, pat on the helmet etc. Are you saying that every time all 4 or 5 receivers rush down to the endzone to bump chests with the guy who scored that should be a penalty?

A big spike is a celebration. That's cool.

A big spike right in front of the guy you scored on and then staring him down is taunting, it's NOT cool.

Hacky-sacking the ball into the stands is a celebration. That's totally cool.

Hacky-sacking the ball deliberately into the opponents' bench is taunting. That is NOT cool.

A choreorgrahed TD dance by 5 receivers down in the endzone is a celebration, that's cool.

A choreographed TD dance by EVEN JUST 1 GUY up near midfield in deliberate view of the opponent's bench is taunting, NOT cool.

Depends where the light source is.

You see it when the ball is about 5 feet from the ground. There is no way that the ball kicked from the center or the hash could have cast a shadow inside the end zone and the ball land outside if it had exited at the two yard line. But it does not matter. The game is over.