You agree the rule is used just not enough for your liking, then in the next sentence you say it isn't called so why have it. It's called or it isn't called but you can't expect people to take your arguments seriously when you play both sides of the fence at once.

Sounds like sour grapes from the losing side.

Red and White first, you nailed it, it is a generational thing, absolutely.

Let'sgoBlue, I have been very consistent on the site about choreographed celebrations. I don't like them, I don't think they have a place in the game, no matter who does them. I don't consider high fives, chest bumps etc. to be choreographed. Five or six or ten guys all doing the same stupid dance is choreographed and in my opinion not welcome. Am I more offended because I am an Eskimo fan, absolutely, I feel like they were taunting me, which was precisely their intent, IMHO. But I would also be of the opinion that they deserve a penalty no matter who the intended audience was.

dcmoses, don't try to twist my words. I was very clear right from the start that I questioned the use of the taunting rule for things that were not meant to taunt the other team, like kicking the ball after a touchdown, and not calling things that IMO were meant to taunt. I questioned the application of the rule not the amount it is called. I would suggest you take reading lessons.

awww, did they hurt your widdle feelings? Did they make you cry?

who the hell do you think you are to judge what their intent was.

how about I pass judgement that there is nothing humble about your opinion?

work for you?

Absolutely, come back and post again when you grow up.

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I did not twist your words. I used the words you used and commented on them. You have posted several times "why have a rule if it isn't going to be called" and in the post I commented on you preceded it by saying "The refs have applied the call on plays that were far from taunting the opposition".

Deny it if you want but it doesn't change the fact you are playing both sides of the fence. You either think the penalty is not being used or you are arguing it is not being used enough or applied correctly, but you can't argue both without inviting critisism of your arguement. Your cheap insults don't help sell your poorly worded point of view.

Maybe I can talk slow so you can understand. I stated that the taunting penalty was used to call things that were not taunting and not being used to call things that were. Either call the taunting or don’t call anything. IMHO, kicking the ball is not taunting. Is that clear enough for you.

problem with this is that a lot of things you DO call taunting are not any closer to taunting than what you are saying is not taunting.

Now he wants to ignore half of what he said so he can insult those than don't agree with his opinion. I take his comments witha grain of salt. Sour grapes from the losing side. When he wants at least acknowledge what he has said and drop the insults I'll start to listen again.

Read the posts and quit picking one thing out of one post and inserting something from another. You started the war of insults, I can't help it if you choose not to read what is said. I don't give a rats patoot whether or not you agree with me or whether you listen. I have been clear from the beginning that I feel that the stupid dance is taunting and I question why it is not called when something that is not taunting like kicking the ball after a touchdown is. If you can't understand that, it is quite clear that you are not listening. Not to mention you don't listen to text.

I guess it should be obvious to even a child that I am of the opinion that the monkey dance, ape sh*t dance or whatever you want to call it is taunting, it is meant to be taunting and it should be flagged as taunting. I don't know how much clearer I can be. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time! :cowboy:

...I guess the thing is that no one agrees with your opinion VoR...and as much as you have attempted to reach us for common ground, it still isn't something we can agree with you on...seeing that you can't (won't) change your opinion in light of such overwhelming odds I would suggest you quit trying to make the other side see yours...grumble about it at your own leisure...

I guess it should be obvious to even a child that I am of the opinion that the monkey dance, ape sh*t dance or whatever you want to call it is not taunting, it is not meant to be taunting and it should not be flagged as taunting. I don't know how much clearer I can be and the CFL officials see it the same way, so anyone who disagrees is simply whining about the officiating again and should not be taken seriously, imho.

..^ I agree with that opinion...

Thanks, at least you are somewhat grownup in you response. if only others would take a mature aproach. I never intended to get into a war of words but when drawn into one, I don’t back down when I should. As my mother always told me, don’t get involved in a war of wits with an unarmed man. Thanks for a reasoned approach.

Did nobody get my funny there? Come on, I thought it was pretty clever!

I have read your posts and it is you who are selectively picking and choosing your own words with which to defend your opinions. When you want to stop the insults and discuss ALL your words I'll respond, until then we are walking in circles and I'm not interested.

I didn't get the (ch) when I first read it, but now that you reposted it........ :lol: it's worth one chuckle.

I would rather have our players be monkeys than junkies

I'm wondering what will happen if the Bombers do this dance when they are the away team. Dave Stala got flagged in BC for punting the ball out of the end zone after a TD (he did it last year with no flag), and many posited that it was because they were in BC. I guess we'll find out what happens if the Bombers get to go ape sh*t against the Lions.

For the record, I don't think the dance is taunting. If they were doing it over someone's body or doing it directly in someone's face, then I'd think differently. As it is, it's just some guys monkeying around. :lol: