Why would you torment Chief like that by making him watch those replays again? He was just getting over the nightmares! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol... and you think that proves it should have been a penalty?? What they were doing was clearly not intended for the other team in anyway. They only did it after a big sack, Int, not ever play! They were just fired up and having fun, who cares?? If you take that much offense to a silly celebration than maybe you should stick to watching a more timid sport. May i suggest curling or figure skating?? :roll:
No kidding, talk about sour grapes. Might as well call a penalty on any celebration then. What kind of a mature athlete jumps in the air to do a chest pump anyway? High 5's? Forget about it. :roll:

Some people like to complain for the sake of complaining.

One of the best celebrations (or worst, depending on who you are) was the one where the guy (was it Montford, or someone from Sask?) who did the dog peeing thing after a sack or something against the Bombers. I was pissed off with the play, but I laughed at the celebration. If you make a big play you have the right to celebrate a little.

Nate Davis did that, and it was absolutely brutal. That sort of thing isn't sportsmanlike, imo.

...the bombers have been subjected to humiliation in the recent past with all their RV toys parked in their endzone that opposing teams found fit to play with...bit 'o retribution for the Blue and Gold to finally have some plays they can celebrate seems like justice...

...all teams have periods of this excessiveness...Copeland in Montreal, Copeland/Lewis in Calgary, that time the BC secondary performed the first three minutes of Les Miserables after that pick-6 against Toronto in 2006, Mike Kelly on CJOB, etc...part of the game, and when it's taunting (as opposed to celebrating) the refs are pretty good to flag it....

Most of the players responsible for this are still pretty young, first, second, third year guys. They haven't matured yet as people or players, it happens all the time.

  1. Taunting and celebrating are different. As Redandwhite says, when it's taunting as opposed to celebrating, the refs are usually pretty good at calling it.

  2. The rule may state that, but if every play was called exactly by the book there would be two holding flags every play and pass interference on both sides on every deep pass. The taunting penalty has been called, for a long time now, almost exclusively for verbal taunting. Using props in TD celebrations draws a flag most of the time and actions aimed directly at an opposition player has been called sometimes. Celebratory dancing on big plays, whether immature or not, has never been called taunting. Thus, the monkey dance does not qualify. Heck, when guys like Copeland and Lewis were dancing over every 6 yard reception they didn't get called.

You can call it immature, that's fine, but it's not a penalty. Never has been and never will be.

Disagree. They were celebrating. They didn’t look at or get involved with in any way anyone form the Eskies. It was childish. It was embarassing. It was plain stupid. It wasn’t unsportsmanlike or taunting. If you want flags thrown for that may I suggest a little league that plays out of the USA known as the NFL. They love to suck the life out a football game and drive it as close to the nerdy stats heavy geek game that baseball is. They flag everything and have ruined their game in the process.

Winnipeg players made idiots of themselves in front of their fans and on national TV. So what, not the first time and won’t be the last a player came up with what he thought was a cool looking celebration that actually made him look as dumb as a (pun intended) chimp. However, I watched that game and as stupid as I thought the “dance” was it was a Winnipeg player in Canad Stadium and I didn’t hear any booing for what they did.

I wanted Chief to see, "The Corner Coffin Punt" by Duval the master, one of the best in the game today.
Now the VoiceofReason has showed up in the Eskie forum. :twisted: Not a problem however.

Eh. I watched the first video and didn't see any ape dancing. Maybe I missed it? Or maybe Voice of Reason is overreacting?

There was one I saw (one of the videos); the Bomber player had no intent on taunting/or facing an Eskimo in that situation.

If you watched the game, Winnipeg players were performing their dance or whatever they call it for most of the second half. There were often several players involved and they did it over Eskimo players who were on the ground and I still believe that it was meant to "taunt" the opposition. They also were not celebrating a score but they were celebrating a tackle. If teams continue to celebrate in "off the wall" performances on every play there is a tackle, the game IMHO will become a lampoon.

My main purpose for comment however is to question the penalty itself. The refs have applied the call on plays that were far from taunting the opposition, yet do not call it when they should be. Hence my original comment..... why have a rule if it isn't going to be called.

Why would it be a problem anyways, as someone who had seasons tickets in Clarke stadium for the final 2 years, Commonwealth Stadium until 1983, even though I was transfered to Calgary in 1981. Bled Green and Gold for over 50 years. I think I have every right to comment on an Eskimo forum!

I respect that you are a true CFL fan from many years ago and wish that I had gotten a chance to see Old Clarke Stadium back then. On the Twisted Evil part although no pun in the nature of the comment was intended personally; My apologies.

Gladly accepted, my new Avatar should clear up any perception of my loyalties. Clarke was a blast, on cold winter days you could seat another 2 or 3 people on the benches. I also had the priviledge of playing on the grass there, not football though (at least not gridiron football).

By the way, great choice for your Avatar. IMHO the second greatest player in CFL history.

Thank you - I lost the bet with papazoola. While in Alberta working (Slave Lake) I did get to Edmonton a couple years or so ago to attend 3 games, and also took a walk around the practice facility.

You keep seeming to suggest that the only times players should be allowed to celebrate is when a score is involved. Is that what you are saying?

Once again, the Bomber players were NOT doing it after every tackle. If there was a sack or a big play they celebrated. And they were not standing over Eskimo players when they celebrated or that would have been a penalty.

Guess we watched different games.

....well, it was the blue bomber DEFENCE that did the dancing, they don't often get to celebrate a score....

...I think we get your point, and sorry to typecast but I'm thinking your comments about your duration of being a fan (IMO) puts you squarely (excuse the pun) in that age-group where this type of after-the-play event is frowned upon with the most sternest un-approving Dad look...the younger generation doesn't seem to mind it...I'm on the fence about it....

...I'm also thinking that had this monkeydance happened with the stampeders/lions/riders on the field against the BBs you wouldn't have an issue with it, but that's just a personal reflection....

Funny how Bomber fans who were at the game, and others are all saying it only happened a few times, and after big defensive plays. I do not recall one time where it occured directly over an Esk player. We get that you aren't (ch) impressed :stuck_out_tongue: with the celebration - you've made your point numerous times. But what would be your thoughts on the jumping chest pumps or high 5's then?