Let 'em play, this is football not baseball or soccer. If a player does something right in an opponents face to incite them into an altercation or rub it in their face then flag them, but if a player is celebrating with his teammates or his fans let it go I also don't see taunting when a visitor celebrates in front of the home team fans. The fans get to yell, scream and hurl insults and other unsavory comments at opposing players but something as simple as a dance and a ball into the riled up crowd is too far? Got to give the players a little room to deal with fans on the road.

Personally I think Winnipeg stepped over the line in the 4th quarter this weekend but nothing that deserved a penalty. They were disrespectful of their opponent and a little unsportsmanlike. I'm sure Edmonton has their next game circled on their calendar. I know I'm looking forward to October 15th. Now that's football.

...I agree with everything you said 'cept that part above...from a security POV I think that could be pouring gasoline on a fire...

...if you allow the visiting player to toss something (football?) at the fans with no penalty, you've essentially given the fans the right to toss something (fully laden beer can!) right back at them...

I can agree if a player threw it directly at a fan as a projectile but if he threws an air ball (like most of Cleo Lemons passes last year) into the crowd I think that’s different. Something I would let the officials use their judgement on at the time. If the officials think there’s a need to throw the flag I would have no problem with them erring on the side of caution.

lol close, according to Hefney, it was Odell Willis's brainchild, the have been watching alot of planet of the apes lately aparrently and they call it APE SH*T :lol:

Good name because it looks like sh*t. :lol:

I remember one time I was at the San Diego zoo and seen an Ape that went Ape **** on a Big Barrell. Off topic I know...ect.

What ever you want to call it, it is immature and should be penalized.

it is immature and should not be penalized unless it delays the game.

nothing in the rule book says the players have to be mature

you cannot legislate morality or maturity.

Gotta agree with FYB. Penalty enough they make asses of themselves on national TV. No need for the 15 yards, this isn't the No Fun League.

Again, why have a taunting rule then, if it's not going to be called?

What non call are you talking about specifically? The Apesh*t dance?


Perhaps this OP thread has something to do with what happened at some point within the game Ekies vs Bombers. As for a Taunting penalty being called by a Ref it would be reffered to as; Unsportsman Like Conduct.

exactly, why have a taunting rule at all.

However, I dont call celebrating a td by some kind of dance or whatever taunting

"every tackle" Talk about exaggerating! :roll: It's was being done after a sack or a big play.

It was not celebrating a td, it was after making tackles. It was done by several players so it was choreographed. Again, IMHO this childishness has no place in the CFL and since there is a rule against it, why wasn't it called?

Actually it is listed as 'Objectionable Conduct' and reads; "baiting or taunting an opponent by act or word". The Monkey act clearly qualifies.

Anyone got a youtube link of this? I gotta see what all the controversy is about. :lol:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l97SbR4-eYI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD8s_0wPqcA

(pick em) watch the highlights on both.

Actually it is listed as 'Objectionable Conduct' and reads; "baiting or taunting an opponent by act or word". The Monkey act clearly qualifies.
Lol... and you think that proves it should have been a penalty?? What they were doing was clearly not intended for the other team in anyway. They only did it after a big sack, Int, not ever play! They were just fired up and having fun, who cares?? If you take that much offense to a silly celebration than maybe you should stick to watching a more timid sport. May i suggest curling or figure skating?? :roll: