I have a hard time understanding what a player or team has to do to get a taunting penalty. We have seen players kick the ball spontaneously after a great play and they are flagged for taunting, yet when half the Winnipeg team gyrates like apes after every second play, nothing is done. Why have a rule if it is meaningless?

ITS THE CFL.. they let the players have fun..no harm no foul..bombers players were playing it up with the crowd..dont see that being a big deal..if they were doing it infront of the esks player..ok flag them but they werent..they were having fun..

NO FUN LEAGUE is south of the border..guys make plays..IMO if they arent taunting,which the bombers werent..they were just celebrating a good play away from the esks players...flag em. i didnt see any bomber players walking up to edmonton players..they were celebrating really with the fans...if a player spikes the ball in someones face tho..flag and no doubt but what the bombers were doing was just having fun. didnt do it infront of any players..just celebrated with themselves and the crowd..no harm no foul.

if u flag the bombers for celebrating after a huge play..then u might as well flag stala or anyone else who does a little dance or hackey sack routine after a touch down.ITS CALLED HAVING FUN. SPORTS IS ENTERTAINMENT AFTER ALL.

I do not see any need for any taunting penalties. They are all big boys and should be able to take.

However when the taunting causes delay in getting the next play started, then it should be delay of game.

The game officials should just ignore the taunting, as should all those being taunted, and just get on with the game.

yup and punting the ball after a catch or non catch does just that..delay of game.

Well, they do have lots of other balls within easy reach. Those ball guys are pretty quick and getting newdry balls out there.

However, if it causes delay of game, then that is what should be called

honestly man, im with you on the "they are big boys, they can take it" thing.

i really don't see the big deal in celebrating a big play. i mean, so they dance, so they do a little td celebration..WHO CARES .ITS part of the entertainment value at games. u pay a lot of money to go to games... i dunno, u flag guys for celebrating.. what's next..does the nhl penalize guys for celebrating after a goal.

im glad the CFL isn't the NFL.. betcha if u survey 100 NFL fans and u ask them.... does it bother you to see a guy celebrating after a big play..90 percent if not more would go..nope,I LOVE IT.

Just imagine what some players say to each other after a play. I bet it gets real nasty out there sometimes!

If players celebrate after touchdowns perhaps but to do that monkey dance after every tackle takes it from amusing to simple minded. You said it, "they are big boys", then act like it. There is no way that they are doing it for any purpose but to taunt the opposition. If you want a league of immature antics then let it all go.

I am merely saying, if you have a rule, call the rule, call it evenly across the board or get rid of the rule. Rules are for all teams and must be called against all teams, not ignored because a few people might think it's cute.

What was the deal with the ape dance? Did the Bombers have a deal with 20th Century Fox to help promote Rise of the Planet of the Apes or something? :lol:

I think the event VoR was reffering to was, a couple of weeks ago. After a touchdown the player kicked the ball into the stands instead of throwing it and got a taunting penalty.

Gotta luv Bruce:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM46VWF9TjE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My-h8v2J6J8

Only reason I can see for enforcing taunting penalties is bigoted language of any kind.

It's excitement, not immaturity. And the penalty taunting has generally been called for things like spiking the ball at the opponent, excessive verbal taunting, or using props for a TD celebration, not for celebratory dances.The fact that the refs made a pure garbage call on Stala for his punt doesn't change the rule. I completely agree that if you have a rule, enforce it, but there hasn't been any major inconsistency in how taunting is called apart from the stupid call on Stala.

When I get excited, I see no need to act like a monkey.

The is an interesting comment on CBC's site: "If you swagger too much, the guy who tends to take it on the chin when the other team gets angry is your own quarterback."

When some goon levels one on Buck, blame the monkeys.

Wally would put up with that for about 2 seconds if he trys that in BC. Bruce would be on the next plane out of town :lol:

I agree. Stala seemed to get the call because an official assumed a punt into the crowd was somehow a taunt when a throw into the stands is never called. Did the league ever offer an explanation for the Stala penalty?

I believe someone nailed this one on the head at the time of the game. If he had kicked the ball into the crowd in Hamilton (which he does a lot) it wouldn't have been a penalty. I can see how an official would consider that taunting when done by a visiting player.

Seems to me most taunting penalties are called when a player says or does something directly to another player.

Yup, the league just said that there should not have been a penalty called:

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/07/cfl-says-ticats-stala-shouldnt-have-been-flagged-cobourne-shares-inside-info-on-alouettes.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... ettes.html[/url]

The only thing I find annoying is when players do a stupid little dance when they get a reception for 10 - 15 yards. (Nicky Lewis).

To me that is just plain stupid. A touchdown, sure, a big interception, sure, a punt ran back 65 yards, ok, a 6 yard catch for a first down????

i remember a few years ago printers got a penalty dor taunting when he was with hamilton for spiking the ball too close to another player after a first down.

This year, it seems i have seen some similar playes, and no call. i wonder if the taunting penalty has been lighten a little. maybe due to the exesive amounts of penalties this year.