Taunting...are you serious?

...that was a joke right?

...apparently not, that's the joke

Bad call. It was stupid.


Not sure HOW that was taunting!!

...i never complain about refs, i have to believe it's a tough job, all that action in such a short span of time...but that call, terrible, just terrible...

This game was rigged. The script was for the riders to win all year. Great players released or not signed due to cap issues, but the riders go over the cap to sign them all....then the 'taunting call'.

J/k, of course. But if it was rigged for the argos last year, then why not this year?

Pathetic call for sure, but won't matter, Henry and the Ti-cats didn't show up anyways.

I agree it was a bad call, but not bad enough that it deserved it's own thread.


I agree but the question is…. Did Grant say something that led to the flag? Maybe it's what the ref heard that resulted in the flag. I don't know. I'm just speculating. Based on what all could see you would have to wonder why he got the flag but if he said something that was construed as taunting then….

...deerkeeper, you'll need to produce your official Thread Judge certification

I don’t agree that the Ti-Cat’s didn’t show up. Not at all! They showed up and at times they’ve played well. You can’t do much about Sheets being in the right place at the right time and recovering Durant’s fumble for a huge gain. You can’t do much about the crowd noise leading to the mis-snap putting the ball on the Ti-Cats 5 yard line.

Austin made a great call when he challenged the call giving the ball back to the Ti-Cats on their own 8. Grant and Ellington have made some spectacular catches.
Hopefully the Cats can turn it around in the 2nd half. They MUST stuff Sheets. Sheets is running over the Cat’s D. If the Roughriders are allowed to run then they will run all day. So far Sheets has almost 130 yards and that is only in the first 30 minutes of play. Back up your passing game with an excellent run game and the game is pretty much in the bag.

Your down by 21 , make one catch and he jumped around like it was a cup winning catch . Hand the ball to the official and get back to the huddle .

It was a terrible call that showed complete bias, however it didn't effect the drive, it was only 10 yards

That said G groin simion taunts after every catch, time for a defender to knock his lights out in 2014!!!

Terrible call maybe but it didn't set the final score it was one play not thread worthy at all

In the end, it was moot. The better team won and the call made little difference. Can't speak for anyone else but I really enjoyed the game.

Its worthy because it set the tone against the Ticats. to bad they call that, but not the clutch and grab the Riders got away with all game, kind of taints their victory, witch is to bad because they could have won without the refs.

I think it was called because he tossed the football down the field and hit a Rider player with it. They generally let a lot of excessive celebrating go, unless it's directed at someone on the other team. I didn't see a replay of it, so I can't say for sure if it was good/bad. It did surprise me a little though.

I'm not going to take anything away from the Riders this game. There is no question that today they were the better Football team, regardless of the officiating.

That being said....the officiating that game was awful. There we so many blatant PI non-calls on both sides, there was the phantom timeout in the 1st quarter that on the sidelines it looked like Kent Austin was saying "Who called a timeout?", there was a taunting call for crossing his arms and saying "Let's go" twice, and there was the very clear fumble that was called down by contact that thankfully Ireland overturned (although he sure took his time doing so).

I understand that Glen Johnson can't officiate every Grey Cup (since he seems to be the most impartial, competent ref I've noticed) but this is something the league needs to address.

And in the 3rd it seemed like the refs were doing all they could to make it a closer game; non-called roughing the kicker (they called the second one), Getzlaff being tackled by a DB and not called, the Rider RB (can't remember if it was Sheets or Sanders in at the time) had his head yanked right around by the facemask, etc.

Seemed like the M.O. ended up being "just let them play".

What gets me mad about CFL refereeing and I have complained about this many times and been shot down for it is the Consistency of the calls, yesterday they call taunting against Bakari Grant after a 48 yard catch for the Tiger-Cats but that has been no different than any other time he has caught a long pass through this season, he celebrates by rolling the ball down the field and other times No Penalty, this time he’s called for it and I agree with TSN Glenn Suitor it was harmless, he was trying to help motivate his team not put down the Rider Player.

A few plays later when Sask had the ball Kory Sheets took a handoff and ran for about 20 yards, afterwards he celebrated by rolling the ball down the field similar to Grant but No call, it’s this kind of crap by officials that bugs the hell out of me, if you make one call on a player make it on the other and equal the playing field.

I think the CFL needs to really review their officiating moving forward, Yes CFL ref’s are only human and are not full-time but their has to be a Quality Control Standard in which to play by or it makes the game very unbalanced and unfair to penalize one team but not the other for the same play.