Taunting and Dancing banned by Paopao

Say what you want about Joe Paopao, but give the guy marks for class.
Apparently he tore a strip off Bobby Curtola (couldn't resist) for his taunting penalty against Calgary, and to the defence for their "Ride The Bus" dance in the endzone after a TD.

Their will be no more of that classless crap on this team.

There will be a team imposed fine.

Go Capital Punishment Go!!

Very classy move. I wish more coaches would follow his lead.

Was there anything wrong with the Ride the Bus celebration?

With the Rens not having much to celebrate in the past three years, I think Paopao should leave the party-pooping to the officials and focus on gameplans. There's still 14 games to play and the Rens need at leat 7 more Ws to earn a playoff spot.

As long as the Rens execute this well, the guys should be allowed to have appropriate fun on the field.

Way to go Paopao, I had that choreographed stuff. Spiking, Gizmo flips I can handle. This line dancing crap........Yuck!

Good for you Joe!

.....damn you paopao......I was so looking forward to this week's endzone presentation of My Fair Lady wherein a misogynistic and snobbish phonetics professor (Yo Murphy) agrees to a wager that he can take a flower girl (Joseph) and make her presentable in high society..........my entertainment dollars are at stake here.......

Mouhahahaha... You should sell tickets to see your brain!

Oh my God R and R! Almost fell off my chair laughing! I guess we'll just have to settle for some good old football instead! Hey, maybe Bobby Curtolo's available to sing at half-time!

I think it's a great move and all the other teams should do the same. I have always thought that it was childish and unnecessary

I don't find anything wrong with celebrating after a TD, as long as it's kept in good taste. What the Ottawa Defence did when they scored wasn't bad, it was quite comical actually.

All is fair in celebrating touchdowns and fieldgoals. I think the hot dogging and celebrating adds to the fun of the game.

I don't mind the hot dogging a bit, but this choreographed stuff is so adolescent. When I see stuff like that I am thinking, couldn't that dance practise time be better utilised in the film room? Way to go Joe!!

Bogart is spot on!!! As a coach myself I get turned off if some hot dog crap happens after a score. Some spontaneous dancing is fine but the over rehearsed stuff is a bit much. Geroy Simon type celebrating is as much as I like.

Papa Joe might be saying to his team that 'we have accomplished nothing yet' and to 'save that for the Grey Cup game win this year'.

Bogart is right. Spend that extra time studying opponent film.

it's FRANK CUTOLO. football player...not the velvety-voiced kid from ONT. Bobby Curtola who sings in Vegas.......or maybe he dosen't anymore....I think it would be a crime to stop BOBBY CURTOLA from singing and dancing ...we love our Canadian talent....noway Joe... :lol:

With all this talk about Paopao nixing the celebrations, I guess the Gades will also axe the novel concept of a halftime show featuring a Motorhead tape inside a Teddy Ruxpin-esque Ruffy doll.

Any form of taunting is classless and has no place in amateur or professional sports.

And if some of you don't understand that, then I'm afraid we can't explain it to you.....you just have to wait till you grow up, then you'll get it.