Taulia Tagovailoa

My fear is that Teams might consider stealing Powell from our roster.

I think Powell has a lot of potential, if they can give him enough protection up front.


Most teams have a 3rd developmental type QB waiting in the wings.
Powell is no better than say Crum from Ottawa


You got to be kidding me Paul was Head and Shoulders above crumb

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Paul ?!? Oh I get it , you’re saying Powell with a Texan accent . :grin:


Well then, rest easy kid because nobody can “steal” Powell away from the Ticats. The only way Powell is leaving the Ticats is if he is released, traded or signs with another team in free agency.


Powell is indeed a keeper :+1:


Head and shoulders was a QB rating of 89.5 vs 88.8.
What does not get included in that is QB rushing which Crum edged out Powell 741 yards to 196 yards.

I would take Crum all day as a backup over Powell. Seems really suited to the CFL game.

I am not complaining though.
Soon Powell will be slotted perfectly as our 3rd QB which makes the Ticat QB room much stronger.

All three of our full-roster QBs have similar skill sets.
The “pros” to this are:

  1. You don’t need to change the playbook when a backup has to come in;
  2. The receivers won’t have to change their mindset and can run their “normal” routes;
  3. Ideally they are a plug-and-play QB.

The “pros” to having a more mobile backup QB is the ability to extend the play, gain positive yardage on the ground, and be a “change of pace”. The cons are that there will need to be a new chapter (at least) in the playbook, demanding the O-Line to hold their blocks longer without being penalized, etc.

IMHO, Powell is a better overall QB than Crum.

We also don’t know If Taulia will even survive in the CFL.


There’s no reason to think that Taulia can’t survive in the CFL . He’s the top Big Ten QB of all time, including that Brady fellow . He’s accurate, mobile and a proven winner . He’ll do well in Hamilton . :+1:


CBS Sports - The CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats have signed former Maryland star quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa, the Big Ten’s all-time passing leader. Tagovailoa, who ran out of eligibility after five seasons with the Terrapins, was not selected in the 2024 NFL Draft and did not sign with any NFL teams despite rookie minicamp tryouts with the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals.

Tagovailoa, the younger brother of Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, pursued a sixth year of eligibility with the intent to transfer in January, but his waiver was denied by the NCAA. He leaves college football as one of the most prolific passers in recent memory, with 956 completions for 11,256 yards and 76 touchdowns – all of which are Maryland records – in four years as the Terrapins’ starter.

Tagovailoa also holds Maryland’s single-season records, set during a breakout 2021 effort, for passing yards (3,860), completions (328) and completion percentage (69.2%). He was a two-time second-team All-Big Ten selection and helped Maryland to three straight bowl appearances under coach Mike Locksley.

Also Drew Brees and Kurt Cousins

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Heard the same thing about Johnny Manziel and Timmy Chang when they were in Hamilton. NOBODY has any idea how these all-star college players will turn out once they get to the pros. A few make it but lots of them don’t.


If you are comparing height, Kirk Cousins is 6’3". I forgot he played at Michigan St.

As an Aints’ fan, I still miss Drew. Should of won another SB.

In all honesty I would say that the only possible way we see this guy play this season is either a season ending injury to BLM or if the season takes a bad turn and goes completely into the toilet .
Realistically he will probably be eventually activated to the roster but I can only see him possibly getting a start if our W/L record is so bad that we having nothing left to lose in a rebuilding lost season .


Some positive, and some cautionary, words, from the coach, about Tagovailoa and his days ahead in the CFL:

IMO he should be the starter Now
This is very young Team and need a Young QB to lead them .

It may happen, it may not. He was basically our only option last year when Bo and Shiltz were both injured. To be realistic his play was uneven - some decent games, others where he just threw a lot of short passes and had some turnovers. He fumbled twice in the preseason and didn’t put up any great passing stats. Why rush this?

Milanovich has been a qb coach, co/ordinators and head coach. I think he’ll know when/if Taylor is ready. Might as well ride Bo this year if he’s healthy then possibly move in a different direction in 2025. Who knows, maybe Frost is the guy that emerges, or Tagavailoa lights things up due to injury. We always seem to want to anoint guys as the next big thing after a few games - Richie Williams, Dan LeFevour, Kevin Eakin, Timmy Chang, Adam Tafralis, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Now if we’re 0-6 and Bo’s thrown 12 picks and 2TD’s and the offence hasn’t got untracked, then sure. Until then I think we have a lot more to worry about on defence and special teams.


What are the chances of that happening?


Let’s be realistic this team is not making the playoffs
They’re very young they’re very green.
Toronto Montreal and I see a crossover possibly Calgary. I see Winnipeg BC Saskatchewan as the top three in the West.

So why not use the the season to see what you got
If Powell’s not it then maybe this Tagovailoa is
We already know what Bo is.

Hamilton has never really developed its own quarterback and it’s about time they did

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