TATE UPDATE...anybody?

Just wondering what the situation was with Tate, did some searches but found nothing new. Any word on how long Bishop will be with Stamps? Should they ask him to stay on once Tate is better?

Tate is on the 9 game injury list. so he is done until... somewhere around labour day im thinking. thats going on 4 games in july, four in august, then one more (labour day). now gthat being said, he is throwing the ball and the werd from the stamps report was he is comming along at a really good pace. i wouldnt expect him to do much at all this year.

…Tate will be back before 9 games IMO, he’s a player…trade Bishop to Winnipeg, mucho thanks to him for the temp help but Sinopoli is still our valid 3rd…

Where does it says that Tate is on the 9 game injury list? As per CFL transactions he is on 1 game injury list. The last transaction pertaining to Tate was July 13,2011; he was extended to the 1 game injury list up to July,22,2011.


[url=http://www.canadianfootballtalk.com/stampeders-drew-tate-resumes-practicing/]http://www.canadianfootballtalk.com/sta ... racticing/[/url]

Richard: An article on Tate; July 22 the Stamps will likely extend him again though. Won't see him until mid/late August?

i dont think there is any point in rushing him back. if he's not on the official 9 game, he should be, to save some cap space. being him back for the last few game of the season and playoffs.

Tate will dress as the #2 QB this week. What this means for Bishop we just do not know yet. Yes he only signed to temp fill Tate's roll, however todays paper says Huf is considering keeping Bishop regardless, only question remains.....will he be # 3 or PR? Or will Bishop be released

Let Bishop go when Tate returns.


You think someone would know whats going on? Tate is back and Bishop has not been released yet? Whats the plan?

Perhaps Huf seeing Bishop up close and personal, getting to know him as a man and not how the sports media in Canada has portrayed him, maybe just watching the guy in a Calgary jersey throwing the ball etc, Huf is seeing Bishop in a different light.

Bishop is a great QB. I know people will flame me, it`s just that you have fallen for the spin. The sports media in Canada took a dislike to Bishop, they demonized him, when he won a game it had nothing to do with him, and when he lost it was all his fault.

He was loved by his Argo team mates and coaches, none of them wanted to go with Joseph, he was forced on them. Arland Bruce says that Bishop was his favorite QB he ever played with, his best numbers came from Bishop throwing to him.

I just think if Bishop is on a CFL roster his odds of being picked up by another team improve if there is a rash of QB injuries, apposed to him being at home watching tv or whatever.

I personally would liked to have seen the stamps hang onto bishop a little longer. oh well. Huff does not like th have more then three qb's on the roster. Said the way the pay is structured. It seems to me, they are rushing tate back a little. I have nothing against bishop... i dont think hes a top 10 qb by any means. he just seems like a nice guy. hopefully someone is looking for a garbage time qb. but i am predicting that the stamps jersey will be the last one he ever wears.