Tate to Sit out Sunday's game. Glenn to start.


Quarterback Drew Tate was seen wearing a cast on his hand and wrist at practice with the Calgary Stampeders on Thursday and it appears unlikely he will play in Sunday's Western Final against the B.C. Lions.

There has been speculation that Tate may have suffered a concussion in Sunday's dramatic win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Western Semi-Final, which was quickly denied by both Tate and head coach John Hufnagel.

"I got hit in the head. I don't remember the first half," Tate told TSN at half-time on Sunday but he later clarified his comments to say he did not suffer a concussion.

When Tate did not practice on Wednesday, Hufnagel explained the reason for Tate's absence was not related to any head injury.

"He's passed all his tests," Hufnagel said. "He didn't practice today, but it had nothing to do with the hit. He came in Monday morning complaining of a bruised forearm. That was X-rayed. It's negative. It was still sore today, so he didn't practice."

Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive lineman Tearrius George was suspended for one game on Thursday for his hit on Tate.

If Tate does not play, veteran backup Kevin Glenn, who led the Stampeders to a 9-5 record in Tate's absence during the regular season, would get the start for the Stampeders.

so, what happens if Glenn starts and WINS sunday? who starts in the Grey Cup?
this could get very messy.

All the best to Kevin in the game if he plays, I like him, up and down as a starter but when he's on, he's on.

Tate is now reported to have a fractured forearm.

When did this occur, as it was not mentioned by Tate, nor the team, until now.
Perhaps Huf was attempting to confound the preparatory schemes of the BC defense by announcing the Tate fracture at such a late juncture.

[b]Calgary Stampeders quarterback Drew Tate is out for the rest of the season with a fractured right forearm.

Tate showed up to practice with a cast on his throwing arm, and it was announced he will miss Sunday's CFL West final against B.C., and the Grey Cup if Calgary manages to advance to the title game.[/b]

…Looks like the stamps have another Pierce on their roster…He seems to be injured quite often…Tough luck going into a play-off game…He doesn’t have to look too far for a little sympathy though…The guy that’s going to take the reins now, lost a potential Cup with the same injury…How smart was Huff to sign ol Kevin??? :wink:

I think that B.C. would rather face Tate. Glenn made the Lions look pretty ordinary last time out.

I don't get it, when did he fracture his arm? Was this in practice or something? How did he not get a cast on it until now, were they hiding it hoping he could play?

This whole thing is strange.

He doesn't remember. :cowboy:

If you watched the game you could see he wasnt getting much on the ball. Dunigan
mentioned at half time he thought something was wrong.

In a game adrenalin takes over.

The team sat him out of practise Weds, x rays proved it was more serious
then expected.

i wonder if he did suffer a concussion, but with all the media scrutiny questioning if he did or didn't, and whether he should have played the 2nd half, the stamps decided to say he had a fractured forearm instead.

Glenn will get his chance 5 years later. lets see what he can do. Hopefully Tate does not become another oft injured QB aka Buck Pierce.


One game suspension for the hit ( should have been 2 ). Medical would have been in for the hearing so I doubt the arm is a ruse - I suspect he legitimately has a fractured arm ( im guessing non throwing arm ).

If this is indeed true then i can't believe the string of bad luck this league has had the last few years with starting QB's getting hurt at the worst possible times!! This reminds me of Kevin Glenn (if that isn't irony I don't know what is) back in 07'. Glenn has a career year and was the hottest qb in the league leading the Bombers on a roll facing off against the arch-rival Riders in what should have been an epic Grey Cup match-up. Then out of the blue, all of a sudden he breaks his arm on a freak play. Then we get treated to Ryan Dinwiddie basically giving away the Grey Cup with his play.

Now we have a young, brash, charismatic QB seemingly destined for stardom who has sports radio & TV stations across the land talking about him (which the CFL so desperately needs with younger fans), about to square off with the Grey Cup champs in their backyard for an epic showdown....And then this happens! The guy's arm is broken and somehow this isn't noticed until midweek after the last game. Now thankfully Kevin Glenn is no Dinwiddie and is quite capable of winning in his own right, but still!...Can this league ever catch a friggin break!!!(no pun intended)

i guess i'll have to wait for another year for the Lulay vs Tate playoff matchup that i've been so eager to see.

From Tate "The injury happened in the third quarter after being tackled into the sidelines by Brackenridge", then again playing out the rest of the game likely added to it.

Interesting. This changes the complexion of things. I think Glenn has a better chance of putting things together for the Stamps because of his experience and composure but Tate did scare me at times.

I think the Lions will be able to take it to Glenn and the Lions will prevail. Tough luck for Tate but Glenn has worked very hard all year.

Too much drama around Drew Tate. There's always something. I realize you can't blame him for injuries, but when I saw the guy being interviewed during the west semi, and then saw the fallout from that interview, and now this, it just left me feeling a real sense of unease about him. He just doesn't inspire confidence. Doesn't seem like a real leader in the classic sense of how a pro quarterback MUST be the leader. Seems like more of a surfer dude or maybe a regular at the local skateboard park. My guess is that in two or three years, Drew Tate will be just another footnote in the CFL history book. Just too much drama around him.

At any rate, it's probably just as well that the Lions' secondary didn't get a chance to sharpen their claws on him. The Leos may be a little suspect at safety but the rest of that defence is killer. Those Hail Marys he was lobbing at the Riders last Sunday would have all ended up in the hands of the guys wearing orange-and-black. Sitting out this Sunday is probably a blessing in disguise for the kid.

Well stated! :thup:

Tate is young, he will learn and mature. I know he is not perfect like a few posters on this site !

A good number of people seem to think that Tate is an irresponsible surfer kid. Wonder how much that has to do with his hair? :cowboy:

Tate is an idiot. Not much going on up there, judging from his quotes in the media.