Tate stays on...

...heard on the FAN960 this morning that Tate is going to forego free agency and is, or will, sign a contract extension to remain a Stampeder...I, for one, am pretty darn happy with this as he has shown in recent weeks to be a very competent back-up to Henry and will continue to blossom under Dickenson's tutelage....dare say, one of the best one-two QB combos in the league....

Calgary is flush with good qb's (including 3rd stringer Daryl Clark). Strange that other teams can't manage to have more than even one solid qb yet the Stamps have them in spades. Tate has developed quite nicely and will more than prepared to take over for Burris. With this signing, not only do the Stamps solidify the future at the qb position, but they also keep other teams from going after Tate which would have surely happened had he been allowed to become a free agent.

Hate to break the new but Sasky has produced more QB currently in the league then any other team. Our 2 and 3 stringers are constantly picked off by other teams. Names Include: Glenn, Buriss, Jyles, Tate (yep), guy in TO who's name I forget. Also we've recently lost a few to signings with the NFL. Just saying... :cowboy:

The guy you're forgetting is Dalton Bell.

But I think's it's a bit of a stretch to claim Jyles who stared his CFL career in Edmonton, not Saskatchewan, and Burris who started his career in Calgary and not Saskatchewan.

...I don't know if I'd be particularily proud to be known as the club that has produced the most current QBs in the league only to lose them to other teams...just saying...

Definitely not surprised to hear some Rider fan as above attempt to lay some claim to fame AFTER a player has left their team even when said player had little or no positive impact in Saskatchewan. :roll:

What kind of crap logic is that anyway?

The American football analogy on that basis would be the Washington Redskins, but you don't hear anyone even in that sorry town of Washington DC attempting that sort of claim to fame for former or pass-through players.

As if these former Rider QBs have "green stains" for life like perhaps too many of the sets of Rider fan teeth? :roll:

Well if you actually read the posts you'll see the claim to fame was started by a stamp fan about how the stamps are the only team to produce QBs. I just shed some light on the issue. And the logic that PX and others can't seem to grasp is that the Riders can't keep/protect 4 to 8 plus QBs on their roster. Backups want to play and go to other teams, DUH! It was the Riders who brought these guys up north into the league!!!

Not to bright if you can't understand the concept or follow the thread. Why attack me for just clarifying an erroneous statement. :frowning:. And the post is about Tate not leaving so give your senile old heads a shake.

That's okay, your usual negativity won't get me down. Rewatching the Riders winning the semifinal again. :rockin:

If you read the post more carefully, you would see I was saying the Stamps currently have the most depth at the qb position. Nowhere did I say they produced more qbs or where their careers began. I just said they currently have more depth at the qb position than any other team other than possibly Montreal. :cowboy:

Sorry, I took it differently then that. BC, Hamilton, Riders, Edm are not exactly weak either with their QB depth. Sorry but it's hard to compare 3rd stringer QBs in the mix. 1st and 2nd stringers are the measure. If/when Burriss tanks it tomorrow I could see them putting in Tate. Can't see the same if DD issn't playing well, he'll stay in the entire game.

Sorry to post on your thread. I have been wanting to ask all season I think you got the best 1 2 punch at QB in the league wich makes me worry come ottawa expansion time if teams can only protect one QB who do you protect, Burris who is still one of the best but getting old or Tate who is the young future. I think as a team you guys may have the most to loose. Really after Henry's career he needs to retire a stampeder but depending on that decision it might not happen.

...no need to apologise, that's a legit question...unknown what will happen then, remains to be seen, but it would be tough to not keep Hank protected, and equally as tough to keep Tate exposed...

I have my doubts that Burris will be around in 2013. He will be 38 by then and if he is I would hope that the stamps management would have enough sense to protect their future QB. Of course this is all assuming Hank doesn't get cut or released in the coming seasons.

IMHO i think edmonton has produced the best QB's in the league
And we gave the Riders Nelon Greene

...sneaky devils....what did you guys implant is his trigger to begin the franchise implosion?....

Im thinking burris will become the qb coach for 2013 and Tate will take the starting position. Then Calgary will protect Tate in the expansion draft. That's my hunch.

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I hope it's right.