Tate or Mitchell

I thought the two series rotation of QB on Friday was a difficult way of using the two QB for evaluation purposes on Friday. Tough to get into any rhythm or confidence. But Hufnagel and DD are masters and perhaps wanted to see how they were perform outside of any comfort zone.
Have any decisions been reached? I have no clue. I would lean to Tate I suppose. I sure doubt he will be a supportive back-up. Could be a weird locker room.

I was very uncomfortable watching either of these two. I have never been a Tate fan, but I believe he will get the start. BLM seemed nervous to me, maybe because he’s no longer considered just a backup and the pressures on.

Hope Huff can get these guys back on track. I also hope Nik Lewis can find a way to lose 40 pounds in the next month, or get a bigger jersey.

BO LEVI gets the nod but as Huf knows that you need 2 Qbs that are able to win games for you in a long 18 game season and for Calgary who have had three the last few years having one that can carry a team on their back when needed able to survive a season with minimal injury may be what gets them over the top in the playoffs.

Huff proved me wrong, I thought Tate would get it, not complaining though as I prefer BLM. Maybe Tates arm injury is lingering just enough to give BLM the edge.
I just hope they play better than the recent pre-season games

I also thought it would be Tates job in a one last chance to see if he can indeed stay healthy and become the guy that replaced Burris. But as you said could be lingering arm injury or whatever. Bo Levi is just as good and now in his third season it is his time as well.
I am still in the mind set that Bo Levi has that something extra special and will be elite and at a young age still should see an NFL interest like we have not seen in years.

Good luck to BLM...I too see great potential in him.
I'm sure there is collective breath holding in Calgary. Many unknowns there but one thing for sure is they have a very overweight receiver on their hands who is beyond heavy and slow. Almost an embarrassment.

With BLM at QB he may likley have a much better connection with some of the other receivers who have been second team guys over the past two seasons. Leaving his relationship with the very heavy receiver a lot less then Tate may have.

No doubt Lewis looks completely out of shape,I couldn't believe my eyes, he probably has a 2" vertical now. :oops:

Yeah I just can't imine Lewis getting through much of the year with that kind of conditioning. It's kind of ridiculous actually.

Really i am not sure that he would be able to get through a whole game without running out of gas. McDaniel, Fuller, and Price took last season and ran with it. Joe West who could be next sits on the 1 game IR for now.
If he plays at bad as he looks he could end up on the 6 game to get himself back into playing shape could be an option

Je crois que Hufnagel et Dickenson font le bon choix en y allant avec Mitchell. Je crois que Tate est trop fragile pour être un partant, et une équipe doit bâtir au tour d'un quart qui peut jouer une saison complète. La défensive des Alouettes devrait être un bon test pour les Stampeders, mais leur attaque ne devrait pas les embêter, pas plus que leurs unités spéciales.

Les Stampders ne devraient pas avoir trop de difficulté à vaincre les Alouettes avec Smith à la barre. Plus tard dans la saison, ça pourrait être différent.