Tate opts for surgery, likely done for season


The Stamps are in a very difficult position now..
With Tate, a first or second place finish is certainly feasible....but without, I'd hate to guess.

Being highly inconsistent, it is doubtful (not impossible) Glenn will carry this team to any substantive level, leaving two unproven commodities as the alternative.

Does Huf insert either developing QB's Mitchell or Sinpoli and hope for the best, or continue with a convoluted Glenn who is a perennial question mark?
Tough spot.

Hope Tate can make a full recovery..Hate to see these type of injuries occur to a blossoming QB.

That’s a really tough blow for the stamps this early and a real shame because Tate was looking like he could be the next great QB in this league but hopefully he is ready to go for next season and is ready to take the league by storm (except when he plays the als).

The stamps are lucky to have Glenn as their backup. He’s never going to be a consistent top guy in the league but he is certainly capable of filling in for a number 1 QB for one season and it would be hard to find a better backup than him for the stamps to go with

Glenn has looked good overall in his action. Yeah...rough pass against the Als...that aside he has done well. A couple games is only fair. He walked into a game against the Argos and played very good. He played well with the Argos after a short week off. He deserves a crack at a few games. Wait until after week 7, go from there.

Hug will bring in Bishop or someone similar.

Tate seems to have made the right call as Glenn is there. It'll be a battle for 3rd by Edmonchuk and Cowtown.

I think this has officially become a meme on this forum. :lol:

Tough break for the Stamps. Hope Tate can return to form. :thup:

I think this is a good decision for all involved. Stamps can plan their season. Glenn can make this "his team" and Tate can focuson his rehab. Glenn is well surrounded could have the best season of his career.

He certainly played well for the Cats against the Als in the eastern semi final game last season.

Yes, he did.
Glenn is certainly capable of playing well, albeit intermittently.
After 12 seasons in the CFL, Glenn is what he is.
A decent QB with a frustrating penchant for inconsistency.

Could this year be the breakout year for him?
Anything is possible.
Although time is dwindling to prove detractors wrong.

id play mitchell in mop-up time as often as possible and eventually give him a start, then go from there. if tate comes back only to have nagging shoulder problems next year ( i hope not, but it could happen ), you want to know what Mitchell is capable of.


I agree with Depop, Drummer, and R&W on this point to get Mitchell warmed up now too as you stay the course with Glenn who is farther along with his new team than is Jyles at Edmonton. Waiting until after Week 7 to make any major shift sounds right.

Personally I thought Glenn outplayed Tate in the preseason in the game I watched. He's certainly a more than capable QB to lead them the rest of the season. Tate is obviously Calgary's future, however it was a very good move in picking up Glenn for precisely the situation they are in now.

If Glenn goes down they may be in a bit of a sticky situation, but he's been pretty durable throughout his career. Calgary will be fine with him.