Tate Named WSF QB

Not sure what to make of this right now. I've always been a "run with the one that brung you" kind of guy. I do think that Tate outperformed Glenn last week, but still ... Either way we have an amazing one - two punch right now that should serve us well.

I just hope that Huffer has a good grip on the hook, IF we start having troubles in the game.


I see no reason why Tate shouldn't start, he was designated as the starter at the beginning of the season. You shouldn't lose your job because of injury. Glen did his job and was a great insurance policy (and still is incase Tate gets injured again or struggles).

actually this move makes a lot of sense, Hufnagel knows what he has in Kevin Glenn as a proven back up if Tate struggles as the starter, but if Glenn starts and struggles Hufangel doesn't know how Tate will react as the backup.