Tate & Mitchell extended in Cowtown


The Calgary Stampeders have signed quarterbacks Drew Tate and Bo Levi Mitchell to one-year contract extensions with an option for a second year on Tuesday.

Tate was going into his option year while Mitchell had one year remaining on his deal and is now signed through 2016. Both are expected to battle for the starter's role this season.

"Drew and Bo are both very talented quarterbacks who have enjoyed great success as members of the Stampeders," said Stampeders general manager John Hufnagel. "They work extremely well together and their decision to sign extensions with the Stampeders gives us great long-term stability at what is obviously a key position."

The 29-year-old University of Iowa product has also accumulated 466 yards and 13 touchdowns on the ground as a Stamp.

"I'm so fortunate to be with the Stampeders and to represent the white horse," said Tate. "Calgary is a special place and, along with my teammates, I can't wait to start up the good fight again and chase our dream of being Grey Cup champs."

Mitchell, 23, has been with the Stampeders for two seasons and posted a 3-0 record when called upon as a starter in 2013.
"I've loved my time in Calgary and I'm excited about the opportunity to stay here," said Mitchell. "The Stamps have a great organization, a great coaching staff and a great group of players and this is definitely the place I want to be."

...and Fuller the other day too...the last major extension hopefully will be Tsoumpas...

...WR Joe West continues to wear red and white...

Fred Bennett now...

I guess no QB signs for more then the standard 1+1 anymore.
Unless they are getting Ray or AC type $.

I think both players are waiting to see where the salary cap will be for next season. Also, with Glenn being gone, the team will have to ride at least one of these guys (if not both) and they should be getting significant raises from the either the Stamps, or another team via free agency

Neither of these QB's was going to be a free agent. These are extensions to existing contracts (maybe with more bonuses or other goodies though). So they are locked in for a few years with their current contracts unless they Stamps agree to re-negotiate later on.

I think Tate has one last shot at the starters job this year in Calgary. He has some talents that are better than Kevin Glenn (better mobility, stronger arm) when healthy. If he continues to be fragile though, it may be time to move on from him as the starter at least and let him be the backup only.