Tate looks great

Sowho is our "Tate" in waiting for a backup QB? Kinda sad to se once again a former QB from he Riders doing well on another team, yet who is our backup. I predict a large number of QBs in camp in 2012. Wonder if they have anyone thier player list who can step in and take that back up spot.

Tate does look good. Sits in the pocket and guns the ball.

Yes he was a Rider. But before everyone starts crying over spilled milk let's remember he was turfed in 2008 by Tillman and Co. At the time Crandell was our #1. Durant was #3. I'll be perfectly clear on my opinion. I'm can't remember how or why Mr. Durant got his chances but I am happy the way things have transpired for him in green and white.

We're in good hands with DD. Yes he has things to correct but when we truly keep this guy healthy he's a force.

What pisses me off off is Tate, Lulay and DD are all western based QB's. This means the west is an absolute battleground for the next while. Winnipeg will return in 2013 to the west and Ricky Ray (when given time in the pocket) will eat you alive. It won't get any easier.

I simply hope we don't start crying about how Tate should have been recognized as our guy 3 years ago and wah wah wah. Give Calgary credit for developing this kid for the past 2-3 years. Our brass at the time was more interested in Dalton Bell and Steven Jyles! Mr. Burris, have a happy retirement.

The riders had a lot of depth when tate was let go. They had like seven qbs at camp. They had some really tough choices to make. Wasnt the first time something like this happened...wont be the last...

If you had a choice, who would you prefer to have on your team, Durant or Tate?

I don't know about grubbed but I think it is too early to say. DD has proven he is quite good. With a half decent Oline hell be back in form again. Until I see more of Tate, I'd stick to Durant. I won't be surprised if Tate is a keeper.

completely understandable.
Durant has been to the big show twice now, and Tate is just starting out.

The only thing that bothers me about Durant, is his career TD to INT ratio, which needs improvement.

Other than that, with the right play calling system, he may be back to form next season.

Tate is the Starter in Calgary for 2012. Burris will either be traded or released by February 12th. (I think that's FA day right?)

Hey Tangledweb I take DD for sure.

Tate is so new, not alot of tape on him so teams have to figure out what he likes to do and attach him accordingly. Right now the Stamps are gaining 7-8 yards on first down thanks to Mr. Cornish! Defenses in the league are trying to shut down Cornish and Tate has other wepaons to use (Lewis, Forzani, etc).

But Tate does look good. Like I said, credit the Stamps for developing him along over the last 2-3 yrs right. They've obviously done some good work with the kid.

Maybe we can trade for Henry to be 2nd stringer for DD? I don't see this as being totally off base. Dinwiddie is showing that if we lose DD we are screwed. Cole we don't even have a clue what we'd get. Really depends on Henry's belief if he can still play or whether her hangs it up? He's 37 and his best prospect now is going to Toronto and being part of a rebuild. The big "if" in all of this is who can make that trade without giving up to much and re-negotiate a $350,000 slary cap hit.

I take DD. Revamp that O-line and protect the guy. Get Fantuz healthy and re-signed. Rob Bagg returns and hopefully can play (we might learn next year the guys career is over). Sort out who our actual import WR is (Baker, Hill, Koch, Barnes, etc........rotating barn door out there. Brandon West in the backfield.

Totally agree. (don't forget about wheelwright...Riders may need to consider 2 import receivers depending what happens with Andy).

The WR talent looks good, and I would suspect we will know soon what Rob's future is. There was a chance he could have been back late season for a playoff run, so I would suspect we would hear something more in the new year.

The Riders entered this season with a new HC, missing Bagg, Koch and Andy, a new(ish) DC, no Hawkins. Those are big hurdles...ones most teams will struggle with as we have seen when teams lost 2-3 receivers at periods this year.

I would like to add that they require a new receivers coach as he could not teach anyone to come back to the ball/qb all season.

Tate is good, and may be great in the future.

That said, I would take Durant. He's a proven winner for two years, and has shown a great work ethic and leadership. I think that this year, DD just had too many hurdles for anyone to realistically be able to overcome.

I think our starting QB is a solid base. We could definitely use a backup QB, one who is not Dimwittie. I don't know if Berquist is the guy or not, since the coaching staff seems reluctant to give him a look.

Next year, DD will likely have Bagg back, and he will make a big impact, even if Fantuz in in the states again. We need a new GM who will have the confidence of the team. Whether this year is Taman's fault or not, the boys still have to trust their boss and the organization. If they don't, then its really hard to get them to their full potential. (Tangent...personally, I think Miller overseeing Taman was a Godsend. Seeing what happened in Winnipeg, and who he brought along with him from that organization, I shudder to think what damage Taman could have been done had he been left alone. At least now, we aren't starting over from zero.)

That GM will HAVE to upgrade the aging O-Line. Those are physical jobs, and these guys just can't run forever. First priority in O-line is getting younger, the second is finding a center who can actually get the ball into DD's hands consistently in the shotgun.

After that is done, then I think we will see that there is plenty of talent on the rest of the offense. Cates may be aging, but can still do the job in a smaller role, and we have some young up and comers in the backfield. Receiver is one position I'm really not worried about, but I agree with Depop that the receivers' coach (whom Taman brought from Winnipeg with him) is far below substandard.

A dedicated OC and QB Coach are requirements, not options. There has been a lot of speculation as to who might be tapped to fill those roles. I'd love to see Crandell make the off season move back to Regina as OC. If not him, then there are other good choices out there, but we have to get someone. QB coach? I'm not sure who, but there are lots of people on this board who know more than me who could make good suggestions.

Suggestions for the Defensive side of the ball don't belong on this thread, so I won't make any here.

But I think if you give DD the tools mentioned above...a good o-line, strong centre, and proper coaching on the offense...I think he has the tools to get the Riders back to the GC several more times in his career.