Tate likely out for the season

Unless this is a ruse, it seems more and more unlikely for Ottawa to select an unprotected Tate in the coming expansion draft..

[b]the Calgary Stampeders quarterback doesn’t think he’ll be fully healthy [u]until 2014[/u].

“I don’t think it’s going to be ready all year, to be honest with you,? Tate said Monday after making it through the first practice of the work week at McMahon Stadium. “I think it’s going to be something I’ve gotta deal with the rest of this year, and then, hopefully, next year come back strong. Right now, I won’t be 100% at all, I don’t think, this year. That’s my belief. I hope I’m wrong.?

Tate’s mysterious forearm/elbow injury that has sidelined the 28-year-old Texan since July 5 has been called medial epicondylitis — otherwise known as golfer’s elbow — a tendon injury around the ulnar nerve and flexor tendon.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2013/09/09/calgary-stampeders-qb-drew-tate-doesnt-think-hell-be-10-this-year]http://www.torontosun.com/2013/09/09/ca ... -this-year[/url][/b]

I've been dealing with that same injury for over a year its very frustrating injury. Yoga, stretching, RICE nothing works. You think your doing better, as soon as you put any load on the arm there is pain in the Bicep and there is a definite loss of sthenght. But its generally considered a repetitive strain injury cause from over training. So its possible he picked it up during his winter MMA training and then aggravated by a hit or throwing the ball...

Sounds like he hasn't tried acupuncture! I run great after acupuncture.

His comments did seem a little bizarre to me. But he is the Jeff Spicoli of the CFL so who knows.

The only part that is not surprising is that he is out for the season, I mean who could see that coming?

In the last 3 seasons, he's played less than 8 games.

If Glen is out again this week, I don't see them beating Hamilton.

cant wait to see sinopoli throw to himself

When did the Ticats become a powerhouse?? Calgary has been finding ways to win despite a couple less than stellar performances. Don't forget, as a Stampeder fan I've seen Burris lay down some real stinkers over the years.

I wanted to try that so I went to this Asian place that had that advertised on the front window. Turned out to be something different all together... :o

I don't think this will really affect Calgary. It seems obvious that Mitchell is the QB of the future. Glenn, though older than Tate, is not so injury prone and has never really been given his due. IMO, Tate will likely be cut by the Stamps as soon as practicable and be a FA by next season.




:cowboy: Without a doubt the most interesting trio of Q.B.'s in the league :cowboy:

The "Surfer dude,The “No Respect” dude and The “Redneck” dude!!!

We had a name for Tendonitis when I was tree-planting - pretendonitis.
(planting 2-3000 trees a day causes a lot of it in the hands, wrists, and elbows)

Not saying he is pretending at all as I know first hand how much it can affect you, but he sure is being whiny about it.

Yes, and don't forget as a Ticat fan I've seen Glen lay down some real stinkers over the years.

The Ticats became a powerhouse last week. If Calgary does have less than a stellar performance this week they won't find a way to win.

We had a name for Tendonitis when I was tree-planting - pretendonitis. (planting 2-3000 trees a day causes a lot of it in the hands, wrists, and elbows)
Especially when planting in the quarry ... ching ching ching !! :wink:

It does not prevent me from doing anything. Its "not fun" and you have to stretch it out a lot before doing a lot of "work". However they do say that if you don't let it heal properly it can develop into tendinosis and that does not go away. He should really rething his "MMA" training in the off season IMO.

Well it seems you were wrong , The stamps did have a less than stellar game ( for a 1st place team) and did manage to win :lol: