TATE is the BEST QB in the CFL

Lol the CFL has become so watered down that TATE is already the best in the CFL hands down--

He is the only QB that can throw a 8 yard out route-- No other QB can throw an out route--

People need to wake up and give this guy the credit he deserves-- He is by far the best QB in the CFL--

He will be a future hall of famer, he will improve and he is already the best in the CFL by a mile-

..Tate is good, but he looked remarkably regular today...winnipeg had good info on him

Hardly, :roll:

too many :twisted: interceptions.

boy he sure is the best QB in the league :roll:

Don't listen to Gridiron guru, he's not a stamps fan and has little idea what he's talking about.

Tate's good. After today's poor performance, he'll think about it over the winter and be better for it next year.

I figured that Tate would be on a very short leash come the playoffs.
I guess this will make Huff's decision that much more difficult regarding the future of Mr Burris.

Not from what I saw yesterday:

Glenn, 23 for 32, 275 yards, 1 TD, 1 interception;
Calvillo, 30 for 42, 513 yards, 3 TDs, 1 interception;
Ray, 19 for 27, 245 yards, 1 TD, no interceptions.

What did the "best QB in the CFL" do ?

Well, he was 5 for 10, 99 yards, no TD, 1 interception, and that dreadful fumble that gave Edmonton a TD.

"Best in the CFL by a mile"? Hardly.

Will he develop into a quality starter in the CFL? I do think he will. . . but to anoint him now as the "best in the CFL", by a few inches let alone a mile, is just plain wrong.

I wonder if Stamps paid dearly yesterday for benching Burris so abruptly a few weeks ago? Burris was put in a position of embarrassment the way he was demoted so fast, I think it left him in a delicate state that could have been prevented if it was handled differently?

I suspect the outcome would have been different if Burris had remained the starter. Stamps still would have made the playoffs, Henry would have been in a much better place mentally, and Tate could have been brought on more slowly, clearly Tate was over his head yesterday

Tate will be fine and I look forward to watching him perform next year. I am, despite my avatar a Stampeder season ticket holder who just happens to cheer for both teams. The one thing that disapointed me with Tate was when he hook slid short of a first down in the second quarter. Sorry but you don't do that in the play-offs. Both Burris and Ray fought for yards and took hits to get extra yards during the game, which is what you have to do with the season on the line. I am sure it was a split second decision that Tate would like back but part of his development will be to learn when you need to take that hit.

It should be a fun season next year. I think Huf, needs to do some serious searching for a better linebacking crew but I do believe Calgary has the makings of a very good team, with a little tweaking.

Tate looks like he has a promising future for sure, but I would have to argue that Lulay may be the best QB at the moment. Is there honestly any team that wouldn’t snatch him if they could? Wally has a remarkable eye for QBs…it really is amazing when you look at the list of QBs he has groomed over the years!