Tate for Stamps QB!

This guy is their future and it's in 2012!

Burris is done. You watch!

I can see Henry showing up in Toronto or Hamilton



The future might be right now. I have always been a big fan of Drew Tate, dating back to his days at Iowa. I thought back then that if he never made it in the NFL, he’d be a great CFL player.

As far as Burris is concerned, I hope to hell he doesn’t come to Hamilton. I like Burris, but trading Glenn for Burris would be a lateral move, and I might even say a backwards one because Burris is older (37 at the start of next year compared to 33 for Glenn). The Cats should either stick with Glenn or go younger.

....Glenn for Burris?!?!...don't make me laugh my good sir...Burris for maybe a pound of steaks and a non-import LB...

I didn’t mean trade in the literal sense. I meant that Hamilton would be replacing Glenn with Burris.

Man, talk about being snake bit! Tough losses for Calgary to take. There was a B.C. Lions era when it was "Jerry Taige [QB] and the Cardiac Kids" because they had a reputation of pulling out a victory out of the jaws of defeat in the last couple of minutes of play.

In Calgary's case it seems like they are fast earning the reputation of being called The Cardiac Kids who Died on the Operating Table."

Two games back to back and losing by two point on the final play of each game. Bummer. Prefontaine and McCallum have to buy each other a beer. Poor Hufnagel must be banging his head on a locker door by now. What a come back by Calgary and what a gutsy performance by Toronto given that they are already eliminated from playoff contention. This makes if very interesting for the Lions on Sunday. They only need to worry about Edmonton dropping their game against the Bombers tomorrow.

Tate looks like a keeper and Burris may have his days numbered if Tate continues to play with the poise and accuracy he showed tonight. But I must admit, being a Lions fan, Toronto could not have picked a better game to win than the one tonight for the Lions. Congrats to Toronto for the win.

By the way, did you guys see the Calgary player [I think it was Calgary] with the fractured leg? That was one ugly break.

J'Michael Deane. That was an ugly injury. I'm not squeamish, but seeing the replay made my skin crawl. Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine.

...okay that is good because the only way that one makes sense right now is the four-bong-hits-sense, which wouldn't be good...Kids, if you're reading this right now, don't do drugs, because if you do you will probably end up coaching the stampeders because that is the only way that horrible team could be coached right now, and you don't' want to go there...

That receiver corps of Toronto is brutal... 2 interceptions on tipped balls off Copeland and the second one by Tisdale Rideau gave up on the play while the ball was still live... Talk about brutal. 31 points on 118 passing yards.... wow...

Tate commanded that huddle and isn't taking any BS from any of these underachievers. Henry to Toronto in the off season ?

ya right.

Burris in Saskatchewan? talk about shoving it in Durant's Face.

Darian is still Saskatchewan's QB. remember that a QB can only do so much when you don't have a good O-Line

if Durant had the Alouettes O-Line.. he'd be a great player right now.

Henry is a better fit in Toronto anyway.

And if my aunt had a penis, she'd be my uncle. He doesn't have Montreal's O-line, so he has to make due with what he does have. That said, a QB can only be effective if he has time.

But the fact of the matter is, Durant has been horrible this year. And while I don't mean to pile on, those two Grey Cup trips masked a lot of the problems Durant has, namely interceptions. The guy throws way too many. Now, Danny McManus and Ron Lancaster threw a crap ton of INTs and both are in the Hall of Fame, so throwing a ton of INTs does not mean you can't be a great QB.

I also think Miller coddles these guys, Durant in particular. That is why I didn't think it was right to fire Greg Marshall. Durant came off as quite the baby when Marshall was fired and Miller re-hired. It's almost like he didn't like his new boss, so he went whining to his old boss, who just so happened to be the new boss's boss.

Anyway, not to derail this too much further, but maybe Burris heading to Saskatchewan wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. We all can see that Dinwiddie is no good enough should Durant get hurt. Having an experienced backup might not be that bad. It seems to be working pretty well in Edmonton.

yup. Burris hasn't looked that good all year and kinda seems to be regressing.. Tate looked very good. I think he should be in. I'm not sure if they'll make that decision.. but then again Huff did bench Joffrey Reynolds so he can make the tough decision like that if he has to. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I think the Stamps would be a better team with Drew Tate.

Durant needs a coach who will harness his talents.

but will also give him a good supporting cast.

when you have a poor Offensive Line, you can't run the ball efficiently. which leads to a lot of 2nd and 10's. and when you're calling a 2nd and 10 play that goes for 6 yards (which is F@#$R stupid!) then you get no where.

he needs a system that makes sense and works.

funny thing is that he'd fit in a system like Calgary's. they run the ball quite effectively and have a good O-Line.

he'd fit in there well.

Calvillo, if he were in Saskatchewan? oh my .... he'd be having the same troubles that Durant is facing right now.

I agree. Tate is the future and the future is now. Burris is totally washed up.

NOOO!!!! We need Burris to stay in! How else will Calgary make it so easy on opponents? He literally throws games away.

Rideau gave up on a lot of plays. I certainly wouldn't be surprised to see him released in the next few days. He was brutal for most of the game.

I've been saying for a few weeks that Burris's mechanics have been garbage this year. Just hitting a routine sideline out to a wide-open receiver is not a sure thing with him these days. Personally, I think his arm is gone, and when a QB like Burris loses his arm, goodbye. He's not accurate enough as a passer or intelligent enough as a field general to be able to compensate once his physical attributes decline.

I may well be wrong, and Henry could rebound this season, but I have noticed a substantial drop in his ability to execute simple plays pretty much since the season started. And it's not like his O-line isn't giving him time to go through his reads.

This is why Barker, not Lemon, is the main goat this season in Toronto. I don't know any QB who could be successful with the sad-sack collection of underachievers and washed-up retreads that the Argos call a receiving corps. Maurice Mann will help, but they need more. I wouldn't be surprised to see Kerry Watkins end up in Toronto next year. Elizondo knows him from Montreal and they need a reliable WR presence.