Tate extends in Calgary

[url=http://www.stampeders.com/article/drew-tate-signs-extension]http://www.stampeders.com/article/drew- ... -extension[/url].

Great news for the Red and White(and too much black these days). Solid back up who obviously knows his role, is happy with it and is going to continue the same.
We all want a only a minor drop off if the starter goes down and Stamps are set for the next few years :cowboy:

Surprises me a bit...thought he'd test the waters first.

Likely directly correlated to the Mo Price trade. With a bit higher salary cap now teams can look to pay a backup QB a bit more. Tate knows all too well that he will be a play away from being in the lineup.
I personally suspect that Bo Levi will get some NFL attention with all signs pointing to him just getting better. It has been awhile since we have saw a CFL QB be on that level to move to the NFL successfully.
The CFL has solidified itself again as the best alternative to the NFL now. The 2000's saw NFLE as an option for QBs. Kurt Warner and the Arena League also gave a viable option but it ran them out of business. Now the AFL basically is feeding the CFL with receivers, DBs, and OTs but not at QB.
Mike Reilly is another QB I think will get NFL attention.
The main reason is that QBs are coming right to the CFL right out of NCAA or after a season in the NFL on a PR. They get a chance to develop and then get live game action.

What this says to me is that BLM, Tate and the Stamps think there is a good chance that BLM will get NFL interest next year. So while the OP is jumping of joy...

Quoted for truth. Calgary's traditional colours were traditionally just red and white, and with Ottawa back now I think they should return to that and ditch the black.

I agree with you completely. Unless BLM somehow has a major regression, which I can only see him getting even better. With more NFL teams rushing rookie QBs into starting spots, only to come up as busts, BLM should get a few teams with serious interests

Agreed. Go with tradition, and ditch the black. The Stamps are forever red and white

Agreed and I think that played a part in Tate's decision. In any event, Calgary remains absolutely stacked at the QB position while other teams can't find even one reliable starter.

Both guys developed in house :thup:

Oh I (and your right probably the entire team office) fully expect BLM to get a NFL invite if not a real shot which is exactly why this has me "jumping for joy".
Drew will be the transition while whoever (and no i don't suggest I know who) is next gets ready just like Glenn was for BLM.
I believe Tate is a great second option but will not be the " next one". Remember he is already 30 and will be almost 32 by the time BLM heads south if he does.

Not every post has to be negative.... As Monty used to say always look on the bright side... cue someone posting the song/video :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course they had to get crucified before they came to that conclusion (LOL).

For the uninitiated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95QOx2vlAdw

It may be that state knows he isn't the same qb and athlete after his injuries , the jury is out wether Tate can take the pounding of an 18 game schedule anymore as a starter . With that in mind being a back up who may inky see 50- 75 snaps a year and make 150-200,000 is as close to jib security that one can get . If it was any different I would tend to believe that at 30 Tate would be jetting off somewhere else to be their starting qb,

Not unlike some of us here for some postings :lol: