Tate and Glenn

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I know there are related threads, but saw nothing directly about this.

So Tate is presumably the starter, and recently signed a contract providing starter pay. Glenn is making starter money. does anyone have any idea what these 2 make between the 2 of them? I would think Tate is at like 240 and Glenn around 300k

Had they kept Burris, Calgary would had the same problem. Burris makes quite a bit of money as well.

Tate is reportedly at 300k. Not sure about Glenn, but I doubt it's 300k.

Glenn signed a two year contract extension with the Cats last season including a signing bonus.

from sportsnet: Including a signing bonus believed to be $75,000, Glenn could make as much as $300,000 should he hit his incentives
Glenn had a subpar year in 2011, thus improbable that he met the incentive criteria for $300,000 It is possible he made approx. $250,000 last season and more than likely will do the same this coming season as Tate is the #1 starter which will negate the incentive clause in Glenn's contract.

Either way, Glenn will be an expensive backup unless there is a mutual agreement for a contract re-negotiation.

...The question here is who will really be the no. 1 :wink: As far as dough goes..I hear Glenn is trying to get Tate to invest in a frozen doughnut business...They should be alright

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2012/01/26/glenn-reworks-deal-with-stamps]http://www.torontosun.com/2012/01/26/gl ... ith-stamps[/url]