I was at the game but did not realize Tasker left the game because of an injury until I watched some of the videos from the website this morning. Any updates?

We didn’t notice he left until late in the fourth quarter. In hind-sight I don’t recall seeing him after the catch and fumble that was ruled an incompletion. :wink:

Haven’t heard an update, but at the game he appeared to be nursing one of his shoulders coming off the field after a hard landing.

From where I was sitting it looked like Tasker took a helmet or shoulder to the jaw/chin on his dropped pass. It looked like it was bugging him on his way back to the huddle

Tasker got injured on the stupid 10 yard pass from there own 9 yard line with 26 seconds left in the half. Why they just didn’t run the clock out is beyond me. Nothing good can happen with a short pass from your own 9 yard line with 26 seconds left before the half. Took a hard shot from the riders safety. Looks like a shoulder injury, hopefully not serious.

*I am going to take the position that it is not spoon-feeding (it is a perfectly reasonable question) and repeated follow-up posts along the lines of “I’m right, you’re wrong” is trolling

p.s. Lots of good points by other posters here about the appropriateness of Giasone’s first question that I deleted just to get this thread back on track.

Personally, I knew that Tasker went down in the game and this forum is the first place I would look for an answer - Just like Giasone.

If you’re right (and I don’t have reason to believe you aren’t) hopefully that teaches our rookie coach a lesson. I was wondering the same, what on earth are you doing with these plays?

Doesn’t the OC make the play calls?

You would think the decision to kneel down, not risk injury or turnover from inside your own 30 is one that the HC could make if his OC was the stupid one.

Absolutely nothing good can come from that situation.

Just ask the Dallas Cowboys

That series of 3 plays at the end of the half just baffles me.

  1. You call a pass play from your own 9 yard line with 26 secs left. What are the chances you’re going to make a 100+ yard play compared to all the things that can go wrong.
  2. They take a time count penalty (probably because Masoli can’t understand why they are running a play)
  3. With 0s on the clock you run the ball instead of finally taking a knee.
    Condell prides himself on being a details guy, someone needs to remind him the time clock and field position are important details. June Jones made some dumb calls related to the difference between CFL and NFL play style but at least he knew football.

Right on shutt40…I could have sworn June Jones was still in town managing those final seconds in the first half. Just as bad was the Ticats last drive when they were up by 6 points. Two running plays with plenty of time left on the clock? They needed another first down there and a possible attempt at a field goal. That final hail Mary pass by Harker could have been anybody’s ball and I would have been completely pissed if the 'Cats blew that game.

We got the ball on the SSK 36 after Simoni’s interception. A field goal would have put us up by 9 and effectively clinched the game, even without a first down. Two running plays were the best way to kill as many seconds as possible. As a coach, I think you have to assume that your RB can pick up some positive yardage on two attempts. Even a net gain of zero still leaves you with a very makeable FG. However we ran for minus-3 and minus-4, making it a 50-yd FG.

Problem could be more accurately blamed on execution than play-calling. Unless you take the view that it is our coaches’ fault that our backup RB has never played the position and is (so far) more likely to lose yards than to gain them.

Very very poor play execution. When you need to finish you must be able to run the rock. Other teams find a way to do it and the Tiger Cats need a way to make this a reality and not not a guess.

It was a breakdown on the offensive line. The RB was hit in the backfield as soon as he received the ball. SK blitzed everyone and caught him twice.

Frankly, a couple of QB sneeks would have been better, but you don’t want to risk an injury.

Would you kick an FG from the 43 in that situation, 30 seconds left? It is not a gimme against a swirling wind, if you miss the opponents have a choice to run it out or take a knee and start from the 36. They would probably give up the single. They would be 7 points behind and on their own 36.

What is the percentage play?

Kick a field goal, make it , you win - miss it you have a 7 point game from the 36.

Punt - pin them deep inside their own end and a 6 point game from inside the 10, with 30 secs on the clock

It is not a clear cut decision

I’m gonna say kick the FG.

For the alternative scenario (punt it so the opponent remains within one score), see: HAM at BC, Sept 2018.

What Expat is saying is we got the ball on the 36… A decent running play or two for 5 total yards is now a 38 yd FG.

Coach O said today that Tasker is day to day and they will decide after 2 more practices if he plays Saturday. He did not specify what the specific injury was in the clip.

As per today’s CFL transactions, WR Luke Tasker has been transferred to Injured.

WR Jaeion Acklin has been added to Active Roster.


Lets see what Acklin has, great OPP for him after an impressive camp and preseason.