Not Luke. Steve, who's Luke's dad dontchaknow

Hated the Bills but loved poppa Tasker. Has he ever came to one of Luke's games in Hamilton? Can't imagine Rod Black would be able to focus on his work entirely if he did.
Tell you onething you likely already know. Luke is just as fearless as his old man

Whole Tasker Family, including Steve, were at many, if not all the games in the summer.

Family still attends, but sometimes Steve's NFL on CBS duties interfere for him to attend. He attends when they don't.

Family lives in a suburb outside of Buffalo.

Thanks Fender.

Very unassuming & very nice, close & supportive family.

Steve called into The 5th Quarter after one of the games last season in Guelph.

Goes to great length to not make it about himself but about his son ... which is the way it should be.

Hopefully that's a major factor for Luke as he evaluates his options in the upcoming free agency period.

The two things I most like about Tasker is that he comes back for the ball really well, and he is not afraid to take a hit toward the middle of the field.

That and the fact that the Tasker & Austin Families are close. Steve speaks very highly & is very supportive of Austin & vice versa.

Austin coached Tasker at Cornell

Confirmed in a quote from Luke:

As he prepares for his first Grey Cup Game, Tasker is relishing the thought of his tight-knit family members joining him in the adventure, later in the week. Having his loved ones close is important.

"I think that’s one of the reasons that I’ve really enjoyed being in Hamilton so much," he explains. "My family lives an hour away. I’ve had people at every single home game and it really does make a difference for me."

It would seem like there's only one logical decision to make. Commit for the long term!


Good article indeed except for the fact that the writer Landry either didn’t do his homework or didn’t bother to proofread his final edit…As he prepares for his first Grey Cup Game This will be Tasker’s 2nd trip to the Cup,not his first. Tasker was indeed in the lineup in last years Grey Cup game in Saskatchewan. Sorry but it’s a little pet peeve of mine,I mean if you are going to be a sports reporter for a living,then at least get the facts straight before you write the article.

:thup: BoBo.

Another article on Luke Tasker. Turns out his dad used to play football too, and got time off his day job to be in Vancouver for the big game. (Certain TSN staff may not be able to contain their excitement.)

No way broadcaster Steve Tasker was missing Grey Cup

My favourite part:

Luke Tasker, 23, is building a career. These are the early years. There will be more.

“I didn’t grow up dreaming of the Grey Cup. No one in America does. But you come here and you realize it’s huge. It’s what you want. I’m not (looking south at the NFL). That’s not me. I love Hamilton. I love this team. This is the most fun I’ve had playing football my whole life and I’m including my high school years. I may be in another country, but I’m only an hour away from home. This feels like home. I’ve dug in in Hamilton. I hope there’s a future for me here.?

Sign him for every and ever and ever

"This feels like home. I’ve dug in in Hamilton. I hope there’s a future for me here."

Thats it. Im officially changing my first borns name to Luke!

Good article with a couple of chuckles in it to boot -e.g. “I have carry-on luggage that weighs more than him”
However the best part is that Luke wants to stay in Hamilton and I’m certain that Austin will be more than happy to re-sign him. He has become a valuable member of the team and “Collaros to Tasker” should become a familiar phrase for us in the years to come. Both are young and have a bright future!

Collaros to Fantuuuuuuuuz and Collaros to Luuuuuuuuuuke

Sound like a winning combo

Luke Tasker has been great since his arrival in Hamilton. He's always open, very seldom misses the catch, knows how to help his quarterback, knows where the first down marker is and gets there, is tough and focused.

Just what we need.

Should be signed for next year and for several more after that.