Tasker update?

He’s been on the 1 game injured list for most of the season. What the hell is going on?

I’ve heard hamstring which can take time. I think I also heard that he had a thumb or finger injury. I did hear that he had a doctor’s appointment maybe Tuesday (could have been Monday too) and he’s obviously not cleared to play yet. Has to be very frustrating for Luke but he should be nice and fresh for the end of the season and the playoffs!

Broke his finger. Nagging hamstring. If HAM was in a life and death struggle to make playoffs he’d be rushed back at some point.
The fact he can take his time says everything about team depth and coaching.
10-3 . Good times.

Is tucker’s play and price tag going to make tasker expendable?

Tucker has been barely visible all season, with his two TDs being the exception.

Watch him block for banks and addison.l believe he has 300 yds receiving so far. Not bad for a first year guy

True, but in no way is he a replacement for Tasker.

Tasker is Mr Clutch under pressure. Absolutely need him ready for the post season run.

I agree that Tasker is special . Tucker has been invaluable on special teams and as a slot replacement for Tasker . It would be great to have them both playing in the playoffs . :slight_smile:

Tucker and Tasker would prove that you can have your cake and eat it too .

Pat Lynch ( a fan of TiCat depth )

No proof but me thinks Sumpter was projected ahead of Tucker but the fact Tucker carved out a role and still owns it says a lot.

This is purely simple folks…Tasker is still a bit banged up…we are 11-3, sole position of 1st place, our other guys are playing well. There is no need to risk more injury having him in. We need him healthy and probably in there a game before the eastern final to get him gelling again.

In the next few wins, ONCE we claim the eastern final spot i think we need to rest some key players before the eastern final and let the two teams duke it out on the eastern semi final as we wait.

Why ever did the Tiger-Cats let Jalen Saunders go? He was putting up very good numbers in 2017 and 2018 and he would have fit perfectly into Luke Tasker’s slot. What was the knock against Saunders?


I think the Cats had full confidence that Jalen would make it back from last year’s ACL (his 2nd in two years) surgery when they gave him a contract extension in December '18 but by releasing him in May of this year, it’s pretty clear he’s done with football and that’s a shame.

And who is going to sit? Banks, Addison, even Tucker all look very stable in the slot. Move someone to WR to get Tasker back? Although Banks looked to be nicked and might need a rest?

Even though I don’t want to say this, I think Luke’s time in Hamilton is coming to an end. The injuries and the guys mentioned above.

If Luke is ready, it may be time start rotating recievers out for a game or so.
We will need all the recievers tobbe sharp for the post season.Dane will have to work on chemistry with Luke.

So don’t say it then! I think Tasker will be with us for quite a while yet.

That crossed my mind too. The offence looked pretty potent without Luke. The recurring injuries mean that the offence has had to evolve without him. Still though I wouldn’t want to see him leave if he can stay healthy.

Luke’s popularity has been justified by his play. You see just as many #17 jerseys, as 16’s and 21’s in the stands. It’s just that he’s only been able to start five or six of the games this year. Just saying.

Actually 8 out of 14.