Tasker (Most Underrated) player in the CFL

I just watched the highlights on CFL.ca and saw what I couldn’t see from my seats last night.

Tasker’s touchdown was remarkable. The way he ran to the sideline and drew his pursuer into another defender was unbelievable. He’s not the fastest guy out there, but that was one of smartest bits of after the catch running I’ve ever seen.

Tasker could be the best all around receiver in the league.

Luke was amazing last night. The single and best reason as To why we won the game.

It was a great TD especially when Jones had dropped a sure TD.
Loved the way speedy blocked on the play as well.

He was amazing. He evaded 2 defenders when he caught that ball, causing 1 of them to take out the other guy, then headed for the sideline. Props to Banks & Faubert-Lussier for their blocking on that play.

Most underrated player in the CFL, Luke Tasker does it again in win over Edmonton, others in the CFL have said this about Tasker and it shows,

The guy comes out and performs game in and game out and probably one of the best catch and runs to score late TD in the 4th quarter in clutch drive for the Tiger-Cats in the win over Edmonton Thursday night.

Great catch and run, fun to watch and good team victory.


I think the big difference in Tasker’s game this year is his YAC play. In the past, he was more the possession guy, and I picture him making the catch at the first down marker and dropping to the ground to ensure the yardage. This year, he is getting the ball at speed, and able to break the initial tackle for yardage. Great receiver in the Tommy Joe Coffey, Rocky DiPetro, Darren Flutie mould.

DON"T TRADE HIM. >:( ::slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone who is close to the CFL underrates Tasker. I would wager that most other CFL teams, given the chance to take one of Hamilton’s receivers, would take Tasker.

Tasker’s amazing. I think Tasker is often the difference between a win or a loss for this team.

3rd and 2, Game on the line, Of course it’s to Tasker
Lirum’s FG put the final points up, but this effort from Tasker won the game

Yeah, and did you notice his post TD antics? Old School, I love it

I’m so proud of the TC’s for not buying into that silly idea you need to act like a clown after you score a TD!

Just another reason why I love the 'Cats.

Have to second this - especially on a night when suddenly props are allowed.

x2. I hate that crap.

Act like you have been there (end zone) before. Just drop the ball.

The D did a full team dance complete with bomb dropped after recovering a fumble that they didn’t even cause… Down by 14.

Let’s dismount the horse.

Tasker held the ball perfectly on that last field goal so even final points he gets some credit

With Luke evading all the would-be tacklers and scrambling to the end zone in one play rather than just getting a first down allowed the team enough time to get the ball back and into winning field goal range. Count me in for another fan that admires players that save the real celebrating for after the game.

I thought Luke would have a good shot at a player of the week honour, but then CAL had a few spectacular performances on both sides of the ball. We’ll soon find out just how “underrated” Tasker is.