Tasker back Addison out

Sweet ride!

Is it odd that we have five back-ups for the four D-linemen, but only two back-ups for the five DBs?

Especially given that one of the DBs may well be the back-up for Rico Murray, and one of the starting DBs is also the primary return man? And also given that one of the back-up DBs (Daly) can probably only back up one of the five DB positions?

I wonder who owns and rides that 747 Jumbo, behind the Cats’ “Sweet ride” in Grover’s 4th photo.
That’s a super sweet ride! No commercial markings, so privately owned, I guess.

Minutes later, I’ve found the answer:

Toronto Pearson International Spotter
Published on Nov 5, 2018
Hello Everyone This Is Toronto Pearson International Spotter, This Video Is About A Qatar Amiri Boeing 747SP-21 Which Is Parked On The Apron At Hamilton John C. Munro International Airport , It Had Come From Kelowna International Airport (YLW) A While Ago And Is Waiting Here To be Bought, But If Someone Doesn’t Buy It Soon It Will Sadly Be Retired.

Airline: Qatar Amiri (Qatar Royal)
Aircraft: Boeing 747SP-21
Registration: VP-BAT

Parked: Apron
Airport: Hamilton John C. Munro International Airport

Qatar Amiri Flight is a VIP airline owned and operated by the government of Qatar. It operates worldwide charters on demand and caters exclusively to the royal family of Qatar and other VIP government staff.

RB Jackson Bennett could back up on the Defensive backfield

A lot of those backups listed can and will play in other spots. If Rico went down I imagine Adeleke would play there and Daly at safety. They just don’t want to list the same backup at multiple positions. This also leaves more of a mystery for the other team as to who is depth/rotation at certain positions. The team actually addressed this once to a media person asking about that.

I remember the printed depth charts in the 90’s, and they would show Richard Nurse as a backup to literally every receiver position. A little redundant to see his name on there 5 times.

And virtually all those extra DE and LB are just ST guys who would only play on D with a giant lead, and not even really as backups.

I guess I will buy it, if nobody else wants it. :wink:

DL players are often rotated in and out frequently to preserve energy and keep them playing at a high level - especially in the kind of heat they’ll deal with tonight in Montreal.
And as another poster mentioned, a number of them will play STs. I remember hearing that it wasn’t a very strong LBing group in the draft this year - players often tagged to play ST so it looks like other player are fulfilling that role - and admirably so thus far!

I wondered if maybe Bob Young owned the plane. Nice for the players to be able to take a flight anyway and expense might be less if they can avoid an extra night’s accommodation.

Is it safe to assume that unspeakable things have happened on that plane, or do I watch too many movies?

Here’s hoping the Ticats Express remains debauchery-free in 2019 (until after the Grey Cup, anyway).

Too early to start a Calgary coming here thread, for the July 13th game, so a quick mention here that several CFL observers are reporting today that Bo Levi is about to be put on the 6-Game Injured List – a bigger loss, for them in that game, than us being without Simoni.

Like the TiCats will be, tonight in Montreal, the Alouettes may also be missing one of their starting WRs. This tweet from Didier Orméjuste of RDS:

?? Jul 3

La présence de DeVier Posey (mollet) est toujours incertaine pour le match de jeudi. Les Alouettes décideront avant la rencontre s’il affrontera les Tiger-Cats.

DeVier Posey (calf) will be a game time decision tomorrow night against the Tiger-Cats. #Alouettes @LCFca @CFL
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From what I have heard, no decision will be made on putting BLM on the 6 game until after they get the second opinion that they’re seeking from a well- known doctor in California. They won’t have it until Friday or maybe the beginning of the week. It seems that they were a bit surprised at the recovery time suggested by the Calgary doctor (apparently not too long) and wanted to have that timeline either confirmed or refuted. About the only thing that is likely is that he won’t play this week in Sask. Possible he won’t be playing on the 13th

33C tonight, sweltering humidity :frowning:

A morning after (@ MTL) extension to the TiCats’ charter aircraft exchanges in this thread:

I think my assumption that the team would come home, the way it went, and do so after the game, rather than staying over a second night in Montreal, was incorrect. According to the tracking service flightaware.com, that aircraft, C-GTUK, has not been in the air again since it landed, with the team aboard, Wednesday afternoon at Mirabel. So, I guess the charter air deal is being employed only in certain situations and, not playing until Saturday of next week, there would be no concern on losing most of this day after to travel. My guess now is that they’re riding the rails today.

How dedicated of a fanbase is this when we go through the trouble of monitoring the team’s flight and travel arrangements? ;D