Tasker back Addison out

Wondering if Addison is actually injured or just a little banged up and they are being safe keeping him out knowing we have tasker back

Addison added to the 1 game injured list hopefully its not long term

By my recollection, Addison’s brief but successful career as a starter includes only one game when both Tasker and Banks were also on the field: game 1 against SSK. Addison had one catch that game. The other five games he has started (absent either Banks or Tasker), including playoffs, have all been 100-yarders.

It may be the case that only the two inside receivers consistently have big games in a Masoli-led offence. Something to watch for when our receiving corps is back at full strength.

It’s a safe bet resting him this week… It’s not a for sure win, but I’d rather see him well rested for the western road games coming up.

Coach Reinebold tweeted a photo, midday today, of the team getting on their charter flight to Montreal.
This season’s charter airline deal will make a tremendous difference for the players and travelling staff – In the case of this game, avoiding a very early morning start to the travel day, to get to Toronto, and then the several hour VIA Rail ride. And then, tomorrow, it’ll be straight home after the game saving accomodation costs and avoiding potential “Crescent Street troubles.” Sorry boys. But, it is a better arrangement, all around, for a business trip.

For the Thursday rematch at Molson Stadium, the Alouettes are making 5 line-up changes.

Out are #88 Malcolm Carter, a starting WR last week, his back up #83 Stephen Adekolu, back up guard #50 Spencer Wilson, and back-up WLB #57 Tevin Floyd. The first three are now on their Injured List and Floyd’s on their P.R.

In are Felix Faubert-Lussier #81, listed as injured last week, starting at WR, backed up #84 Etienne Moisan, from their P.R., another starting WR #4 Quan Bray, also up from their P.R. and Luc Brodeur-Jourdain #58, listed as injured last week, dressing as a back-up centre for, as announced, the final game of his 11+ year CFL career.

The 5th change is #93 Antonio Simmons, starting this week at DE, ahead of the guy he backed up, last week, #42 Jean-Samuel Blanc.

Our Depth chart released finally

If any of you see a guy on a big BMW wearing a black helmet with Ti-Cat decals on it… cruising around Montreal… give me an Oskee!

I’m going. I’ll be there around 2pm! Leaving Newcastle around 9am.

Hope to see you buggers on the 401/20 as well! Thumbs up!

That’s what former Ticat Centre Dale Sanderson used to do. But I think his was a Harley.

I’d say pretty much our best starting line up at this time

I’d prefer addison over tucker

Not that bad of a dilemma, considering we had McDaniel last season. ::slight_smile:

That lineup looks pretty good.

I hope that Masoli spreads the ball around to Acklin, Tucker and Jones. That way they minimize some of the wear and tear on Banks and Tasker. Especially against the weaker teams. We are going to need those guys healthy later in the season.

Hopefully he doesn’t spread it around too much.

I’m seeing 13 players on offence.

Most teams’ depth charts show 13 on offence, as they include five receivers, the normal starters, plus their fullback / tight end, a situational player who replaces one of those five.

I either didn’t know that …
Or it’s a case of " sort term (or long term) memory loss ".
Either way … Thanx for the clarification.

Confused me the first time I saw it too.

the secret is not to count :slight_smile:

That’s what Rider’s fans were hoping the refs would have done in the 2009 Grey Cup. ;D