Tasker and the Rec. Corps

Masoli and his receivers were outstanding in the comeback in the second half,
But, make no mistake, it was Tasker that was the unsung workhorse, he didn't show up on the scoreboard,but,
He deserves a huge amount of credit.

PLAYER---------REC---YDS--AVG-- LG-- TD
TASKER,------- 11------146---13.3-- 39--- 0 :rockin:
FANTUZ,-------6--------80-----13.3-- 23-- 2
BANKS,-------- 3--------64-----21.3-- 34-- 0
OWENS,------- 5--------51----10.2--- 14-- 0
TOLIVER, -----4---------37-----9.2----26-- 1
GABLE,---------1---------7------7.0----7---- 0
WATT,---------- 1--------6------6.0-----6----0

Tasker is the new Cahoooooona :thup:

Did Tasker have any catches in the first half? He sure became the go-to guy in the second half.

After starting him 5 games now, I think the Cats should seriously look at replacing Watt, who has been invisible. I'd like to see Underwood take Watt's place. I'm sure the Cats can juggle the ratio to make that happen.

The wide side receiver is the most overlooked one on any team. Lining up a good 30 yards or so from the QB means that he will naturally be the low man on the totem pole when a QB is trying to find an open guy. Heck, if you played anyone at that position (Banks, Tasker, Owens, Fantuz) their production would be woeful.


Where would you suggest, given the players on the team right now, the team insert a national player?

Offensive line?
Defensive line?

And which player would you suggest replacing?

I don’t see it happening this year. Plus, the wide-side receiver is often invisible on any team. How many throws went to Adjei last night?

You can start Revenberg at guard and move Bonben to tackle (which Hamilton did multiple times last night), or start Daly at safety and move Stephen to corner or halfback.

Watt is all good. Had one ball thrown his way and he caught it. He has speed and size. I'm sure the coaching staff knows what he can do and that is why he is in there.

Not gonna happen. As others have said, he's a good receiver playing in a position where on any team doesn't get thrown to frequently . And the ratio is being managed by a pro not an armchair quarterback . I think they know what they're doing.

And their national backups are...?

When Revenberg was in at Bomben's guard position, Bomben went to tight end, not tackle. It is a "heavy" running set. Gable's sweeps were run from this formation. Lewis was still there at his right tackle spot.

Watt is doing fine at wideout. He's sneaky fast and will get his share of balls. Meanwhile Underwood needs a whole lot more "jugs" time. He drops too many balls right now to be considered reliable, in my opinion. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Tasker is amazing. Review the stats on the cfl.ca page. 40 balls thrown to him, 36 caught.

Not wanting to replace Watt but I would like to see Matt Coates and Watt rotate from time to time. I think Matt is a supper receiver and I like the energy he brings to the team. :thup: :cowboy:

Yes, Underwood sure wouldn't have made the catch Fantuz made in the end zone...not many would have(maybe Owens or Tasker). But, he dropped a sure TD right in his hands last game he started. I'm sure glad Toliver is back to replace him.