Tasker and Owens

Has anybody heard/read an injury update on either of these two?

Owens is done for the season after a foot surgery. There has been no update yet on Tasker.

No updates, but Owens has a broken foot and is out for the season

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/10/04/ticats-chad-owens-miss-rest-season-due-injury/]http://3downnation.com/2016/10/04/ticat ... ue-injury/[/url]

Last I heard from Austin on Tasker is he is on the 6 game IL but it does not mean he can't be brought back

“Luke is not out of the question yet. The good news is he doesn’t need to practice,? Austin said. “He’s smart enough and knows the offence well enough that we just need to get him to the game.?

That was 5 weeks ago

Really frustrating that we don't even know what Luke's injury is.

And what about Sears & Stephen?

What difference does it make whether we know what their injuries are? Why let other teams know anything about injuries unless , like Owens, it's season ending. If and when they are ready to play, we'll know.

I see no reason to keep it a secret. I doubt many teams would game plan much differently if that information were out there anyway. What difference does it make? Fans would like to know when to expect players back that could help our defence not get beat like rented mules week in & week out.

I also find it strange that players like Sears have been on the 6 game for 12 games with not a word being said. Or players like Landry, Archambault or Gill, who have seen more time on the 6 game than they have on the active roster.

They told us what Zachs injury was He is in the most vulnerable position

I think knowing what is going on with the team is part of being a supporter, and a fan of the team. I invest better than $1500 each year on season's tickets, transportation, parking, concessions, souvenirs. So, in my small way, I have a stake in the team, and don't see a problem with the team letting me know what is happening with the players.

Besides, in such a small league, where so many players and coaches seem to have friends and contacts on other teams, I doubt there are many secrets about the health of the players around the league. It just seems a shame to keep fans, the people who are interested in the team, in the dark. Got to be some way of listing the possible/probable type status report?

No CFL teams do anything different than the Cats do with injury reports. I too invest well over $1500/yr and for 40 years. I don't believe it's my priveledge to know what ails a player. Also, you know that the IL is used to store players so do want them to out and out lie about an injury? Maybe the injury is something that a player may not want to be public.
Again, they'll be back when welll or Austin wants them to play.
Wanting to know is not the same as needing to know.

Yeah Lenny, you make a solid point. And I suppose if the league was to insist upon a possible/probable type list it would soon be populated with "unknown" or "undetermined" and we would be right back to square one.

Having said that, it would be nice to know the probability of the first team starters being on the field come play-offs. I guess this way it is like the sense of surprise surrounding a birthday gift?

I would suggest that not being specific about injuries to players who may well return to play is in the best interests of the player and keeping them healthy if/when they do return. Teams may not game plan much differently based on their knowledge or lack of it about an opponent's injury. However what's to stop a player on the opposing team from targeting an area that he knows might be vulnerable because of a recent injury. Case in point - (and maybe not the best example but does go to my point) remember how upset Hank (and plenty of Ottawa fans too) got last season over the legal tackle that Simoni used because Hank thought - wrongly IMO- that Simoni was intentionally targeting the knee that had been injured the previous week. Personally I always found it very curious that he had no issue with the player who administered the late hit that caused the injury to begin with! I can live without knowing the exact nature of a player's injury if it means that player might be just a bit safer when returning to the field.

Whinin' Hank also didn't have a problem when our back-up QB Jeff Mathews was hit with a cheap illegal headshot by linebacker David Hinds in that same game, that concussed him for the rest of the season. Yet he was upset with Lawrence's legal hit on him. Also with his rant on TSN this season, I don't really care for what Burris has to say lately.

Amen :thup: :thup: :smiley: