Tasker and other receivers

It appears that Tasker will be starting this weekend with Marshall getting some time as well. This means Tucker is the odd man out.
Anyone have any ideas or suggestions how best to utlize these 3 receivers in the playoffs.

Absolutely not. It’s a real challenge for the whole team how this gets handled and Orlando’s job may be the hardest, but he’s not the only one who has to be a pro. I hope they embrace the situation and get er’ done for the Cup run.

Too bad we didn’t have this problem last year - lol.

Throw it to the guy who is open

even if he standing on the sidelines in street clothes :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree that it’s too bad we didn’t have this problem last year

A diamond in the rough from our problems with injured receivers at the end of last year… was the discovery of Addison.