Tasker and Big Teddy Injury update

Timely bye week. We need those guys back.

Wonder how close Irons is as well.

That’s great news about Tasker there Grov but where is the update on Big Teddy ?

Ooops , never mind . I didn’t scroll down far enough :-[

Great news though nonetheless also about Big Ted . :slight_smile:

Good News,
Are there any other updates on injuries

BREAUX - dont even know what his injury is?




When I look at the entire injury list - there are a lot of built in excuses - as to why we should not be winning.
In past years, the appologists would have come out defending the team - for the injuries.

For once in a long time, we have a good team, including coaches & management; who have skilled back up players to replace hurt starters.

Good teams have good systems in place with up and coming replacements. Look at Stamps last year; won the cup inspite of a depleted recieving core and a lot of other injuries.

Now its our turn.

Adekele is suffering from an acute brain cramp.

Nothing that his wallet won’t be able to fix. ;D

Maybe he’ll get a note from ‘command centre’ saying “teehee sorry about that it was supposed to be #2 ARGO”

Wonder who will get fined this week.

Hopefully speedy did not manage to get his foot stepped on by Valasi. ?

Speaking of updates… Anything onBREAUX… Like at all ? Is he on the long list if 6 game injured list yet