Tarzan, Bomba, and Jungle Jim

Loved these old 30's, 40's and 50's movies.

Forgot that Johnny W. played Jungle Jim. He is to me by far the best Tarzan ever. Lex Barker was not bad either.

Bomba was my favorite as a kid. Not many seem to remember those movies. Starred Johnny Sheffield who also played Boy in JW Tarzan movies.

For the last two day, TCM has been airing the old Tarzan movies, to be followed by Jungle Jim and Bomba. I find myself enjoying them still although I am not too impressed with Gordon Scott as Tarzan

One network worth the extra dough .

TCM is just a fantastic network that actually does what it's suppose to do airs old movies around the clock with little repitition .

The format is easy and usually does good unique themes like Tarzan or focuses on a specific actor/actress .