Targeting the kids

The Alouettes just launch a comic strip featuring Touché, the mascott.

Intended for the young ones, the comic strip roughly teach how the game of football is played, team spirit and other interesting stuff related to football.

Through Touché's adventure, the Als wish to generate interest for football at a young age. Kids are the players and fans of tomorrow, they say.

What are your thoughts on this? Great idea to develop future interest in the sport or cheap marketing idea aimed at kids? I kinda like the idea. Especially if it teaches the young ones how important teamwork, team spirit and having fun when playing are.

I think it's a great idea. I know the market would be significantly smaller outside of Quebec, but do you know if they will be distributing it in other provinces?

I think it’s a great idea to get kids interested in football. They are the fans and players of the next generation, if they want to be. If there’s a way to get more kids exposed to the game, then most likely more will be interested.

Besides, all you hear now-a-days is that kids spend too much time inside playing on video games etc. Getting them excited about and involved in a sport is probably a good idea health-wise for them too.

jm02, I'm not even sure if the comic strip already exists in English. It'll probably be the case. I guess people from everywhere will be able to buy it from the Als' website, but I doubt it would be a top-seller in other provinces.

I wouldn't mind the French version, actually. Our children will be going through the immersion system here, and I'm thinking that it will be a very useful tool for honing language skills and better understanding the game.

Team work is important in everyday life as well, I think this is a very cool idea. The added bonus would be more interest in football, nothing wrong with that. I used to like these sort of movies, they are so fun to watch the kids probably won't even realize they are learning.

it's great that the Al's are going after a younger addentence, good for them. Winnipeg and the other CFL teams should follow suit as well. In English and French (I spelled it right this time) too.

In fact, when I made my little CFL trip, that is something that surprised me quite a bit:

In Calgary and in Edmonton, the crowd was mostly composed of families. People around the late 30s, early 40s with their kids. I've never seen so many kids in a stadium football before.

In Montreal, the crowd is about 90% composed of 20-35 years old.