Target Stores Survey

During the past few days I have been in three Target stores and noticed each one has a section where items like hoodies, t-shirts, hats etc, of teams from that particular area are sold.

All the stores had loads of Maple Leafs stuff.

The Hamilton Centre Mall store had Ti-Cat stuff.

The Milton store had Blue Jays (I can't remember if there was any Argo items, but definitely no Ti-Cats)

I was disappointed that the Cambridge store (where I live) had no Ti-Cat but Argo stuff.

I wonder how they determine what store should get what? Does the store manager decide or is it the head office that decides.

So fourm readers, what do the Target stores in your cities or towns have?

Maybe we can get an unofficial map of where Target thinks Tiger Town boundaries are.

If they don't have it at your local Target you can easily order it on-line and pick it up at your local Target.

I bought the Ti-Cat jersey I wore to the EDF at the Meadowlands Target on Golf Links Road near where I am currently living.

At the Walmart in Brantford at the begining of the season they had Argo stuff, but no Ticats. I called the manager and reminded him this is part of Tiger town. Last time I checked they don't have any now.

Walmart isn't even part of Canada town. :thdn:

Pat Lynch(the old Canadian guy)

Niether is Target. Also Brantford doesn't have one.

Target on Ottawa St in Kitchener only has double blue goods: Make me Laffs, Jays and Arblots. Even in kid's sizes. Should be up for child abuse.

Big + 1

I bought a terrific ticat "hockey" jersey at target on upper James today.

So far it seems you can only get Ti-Cat gear at Target stores in Hamilton proper.

For some reason Target seems to think every where outside of Hamilton should sell Argo junk. :thdn:

Anyone from Burlington, Guelph, Oakville or Niagara region notice what their Target stores sell?

Only Gator and Seminole stuff here in Ocala Florida. BTW, the game is being shown
live on NBCSN :thup:

That's. Better than argo stuff. I'm sure the store manager will get some Ticats if they win the cup. :stuck_out_tongue: