Target: Edmonton

....this needs to be our team's destructive goal, the esks are on a downward swing, we are on an upward one, plan and prepare for Montreal, and then set the crosshairs squarely on the shmoes

Agreed, those hosers up north are ripe for the picking, I thought they were back to 2010 form watching their game against montreal, and you can't hang it all on Fred Stamps. Good team and all, but I think the seed of doubt has crept into their locker room, and they likely are feeling a little bit hunted.
And with the Riders and Lions slogging it out to see who can be worse, the stamps have every opportunity at first in the west.

Still waiting for a 60 minute effort from all facets though. On a night when the offense racks up 45 points, the defense can find away to give away 35.

this week edmonton has BC... then next week we have Montreal... This is going to make the labour day game mean everything. I cant go back guys! i cant be second fiddle to the esks again!

Well, the Eskimos are down 34-1. Down four receivers or not, receivers don't give up sacks or get passes blocked. That offence has fallen apart. I've never been sold on the quality of their running corps - it's always seemed like they've supplemented a functional receiving corps, but were never potentially game changing (perhaps in a few seasons).

Granted, two weeks is plenty of time to iron out problems. I'm convinced the Stampeders should have beat them last time. Instead we merely gave away how to beat them and everybody took notice. Our running game is better, our receiving corps is better, and I believe its safe to say, so is our defence as a unit. Montreal will be a harder nut to crack next week than the Eskimos in two. But we'll see, I guess.

Im already getting stoked for the labour day game! man, this is what its all about. i can already feel the energy in the air. perhaps its from the billboard. Whatever. this is huge set of games. If the stamps can steel the next two games, they will sit real nice going into the second half of the season. when the season started i was worried we might not get the west final. but now it seems very possible.

if the stamps cant win on friday, we might be kissing first place good-by