Tapping into the Canadian market....

How does the CFL pull NFL loving, CFL-haters to their game?

If they were successful, interest in the CFL would go up by at least 50%, as would attendance and TV ratings.

But how?

By not doing anything that would be seen as second rate. This would include such things as 2 teams with the same name in a 9 team league, oval shaped fields, the rouge, naming a new commish every few years, import quotas, the fact that 6 out of 8 teams make the playoffs etc.

Better marketing of the the CFL Players.All we ever see is Damon Allen on those commercials,How bout seeing someone other than the QB!

Oh please. Interest in the NFL isn't as huge as the media makes it out to be. The first two preseason NFL games on TSN are averaging 150,000 viewers. Less than half of what a CFL regular season game does. I doubt the number of CFL haters/NFL lovers across Canada is that large a number. Problem is many of these yahoos are in the CAnadian media. So the tiny minority gets heard over the majority. The CFL is the second most popular league in Canada. BAseball, basketball and the NFL are niche sports. Mainly popular in Toronto. And that is it. They have little affect on CFL TV ratings.

Start making babies!


Its all numbers. Canada's population isn't any where near the USA's. So naturally, the NFL TV / Radio numbers are higher, so they can command more advertising dollars. More advertising dollars = more promotional dollars. SO thats why when you go south you see this player advertising this and that. You see bill boards for the teams. You see promotional things for the game. You see NFL game jerseys, pajamas, shirts in corner stores, not just the stadium souvinir stands.

Canada doesn't have the numbers for the CFL to ask for those TV / Radio dollars.

So start making babies! :wink:

A bit too logical Sportsmen for a lot of people here to figure out. Well said.

who cares, the NFL lover, CFL hater, won't change their minds, because they are not football fans they are NFL fans. Most are followers who live in the hype of the adverstising. I enjoy the NFL, cut for myself give me CFL, then US NCAA football, then NFL, then CDN college ball. all in all I just like football, except that arena crap. :cowboy:

"NFL only fans" are like Leaf fans, they are not true hockey fans but rather just one type of hockey or team or league fans. The Marlies and all the junior teams there get horrible attendance.

The best football fans may like one league over another but love all football regardless.

The CFL should try and play against the NFL on Sunday. CTV should telecast a game at 1 PM ET. CBC should telecast a game at 4 PM ET. The CFL should create a
new television market called the CFL Network and start a game 8PM ET.


Never happen.

See my post regarding population.

Going head to head aginst the NFl would be just plain dumb.

Exactly, I want to watch all the football I can! (and dont tell me about picture in picture or tivo... I want to watch it live, full screen)

why the hell should the CFL become more like the NFL???

change a few things, see my list, yeah, but becoming like the NFL would kill the game and the league!

Just like your ideas to change the rules!!!!!!

they don't make the game look any like the NFL, read my sentence, and rules again. :roll:

I agree.

Are you related to Kanga.

No body would be that crazy.

I didnt say they will make them more like the NFL I said they will ruin the game and the league!

That's your opinion, it's not a fact untill we see it, like the lyrics to that Cascada song "I will believe it, when I see it, with my own eyes..."


no, he isn't a relation becase I'm not on meds anymore, and he should be!

and what's so bloody wrong with reading my rules again? cuz apparently, some of you need the update, however, that's what the myspace blog below is for.