Taped the game

Just got home from work around 10:30, having seen most of the first half (watched it again anyway) just finished watching the game now.

And all i can say is WHAT A GAME!!!!

i haven't been entertained like that since... well probably since the win over edmonton last year.

turnovers killed our chances (as did singles that weren't returned and allowed to score a convert...)

the defense played amazing, by the time the argos went for it on Third and goal and Bishop took the round about sweep play i had already heard the score (lousy loudmouths...) but i was still roaring with ticat pride over Cotton's stuff on the play!!! (i think the neighbours might have been woken up a wee bit.... )

If we play like this against Edmonton this coming week and next we'll be 4-11 going into the final three games of the season.

Congrats Kavis, Congrats coach sal, congrats to Corey (you're forgiven for the fumble, just RE SIGN WITH US ALREADY!!! lol)

I for one am looking forward to the return of Hill, the possible return of Lumsden and the return of Maas's arm strength, it may not be fully back yet, but its comin!

honourable mention goes to Darren in the CBC booth for putting up with Mark Lee and still doing a tremendous job, you're a horrible panel member, but a great colour guy.

Grigg wasn't bad on CHML either.

bring on the shmoes!

As an Esk fan, living in Edmonton, obviously I'd want the Schmoes to win, but I feel the only way for us to get rid of Danny Maciocia is to lose the rest of the games. As a big Maas fan, I hope he plays well enough to come into Commonwealth on the 22 and light it up against his former team.

As a Tiger-Cat fan living in Edmonton I would love to see the Eskimos lose their next two games.

ha.... my buddy from edmonton who lives here now feels the same way.