Tape of Pre Game Show

Hello All

It was a great game last night! Thanks to TSN for the profile and kind words. Unfortunantly we missed the pre-game show so we are wondering if anyone has a copy they can share.

Please message me if you can help!

Many Thanks and it was a great showing by the team and Ticat fans last night! Oskee Wee Wee!!


Perhaps, if someone can't produce it, you can inquire with TSN. I'm sure for a nominal cost they can make a copy for you.

I don't think there was a pre-game show.
It looked like my PVR recording started with the last minute of Sportscentre.
But you were featured during the game. Pretty sure it was sometime in the first half. So you should be able to find it in the on-demand game section on tsn.ca.

I'm pretty sure that it was DURING the game but unfortunately I have since deleted it on PVR so I can't say for certain. It was a good piece though. It's nice to see that the league sees your groups dedication and community work. Great job guys!

Just finished watching the game on TSN on demand.

Your feature is during the game and in the first half. I think the second quarter.

The on demand presentation is broken down into quarters so you can go directly into the second and just zip the bar along the bottom to the spot.

I hope that helps....

I checked the TSN on demand video again,

Your feature starts at 10:17 on the video timer (not the time in the game itself) of the second quarter.

Good luck.