Tanner Marsh

Wow, another young QB who looks like he has some potential. Marsh brought the Als back to win on a last play FG despite throwing a bunch of interceptions. The last few weeks has revealed the next generation of CFL QBs I think. The Ottawa black and blues should actually be pretty competitive given the talent that will be made available to them at QB.

An Argo-Cat fan

Wow, you are right Barneyfife, what a great show by Tanner Marsh, this is certainly the year of the Back up QB in the CFL and why not use our back ups not just when starter's get injured like the Ti-Cats are doing with Burris and LeFavor! It seems to be a standard practice in football the back up has to wait until the starter goes down to either injury or like in Winnipeg's case poor performance on the field, I think it's great that Jim Popp recognized the situation with A.C. out and gave Marsh the opportunity to play and replace the other Texan QB Nieswander or whatever??

I liked Marsh's confidence. He is a big kid who isn't afraid to step up into the teeth of the pocket and throw the long ball. That said, some of his interceptions were brutal. But it's a learning curve, and he's got some good skills. It was fun watching him. I think they found their next starter (unless he ends up in Ottawa or Winnipeg next year).

He certainly looked impressive for the amount of time I watched the game (stupid migraine). However, nobody had game film on him, and I would wait until after his NEXT game to make any other assumptions.

2 of them were not his fault. But the league looks like she will be in good(QB) hands for the next 10 years.

What an exciting game! with a minute and nine seconds remaining on the clock, the Alouettes won the game with a

field goal. The real game winner however, was the 57 yard pass completion from Tanner Marsh on the previous play

which positioned them to kick the field goal. I couldn't leave this one until the end.

And that was a true 57 yarder... In the air the whole way. We don't see those very often from a 23 year old.

Yes he's an impressive rookie, but is his mom as hot as Max Hall's?

You have a thing for "big hair"?

It was funny. When the camera was scanning the stands and stopped on her BEFORE the announcers said who she was, I was wondering why some woman from the US south was in Winnipeg. THEN they said she was Hall's mom.

Mark, do you mean, 'why was a good looking woman found in the city of Winnipeg?'

That thought didn't cross my mind, Frank....but ...now that you mention it....

There is a buzz in Montreal to see what Troy Smith has in the tank, but I think that Marsh has shown a lot more even with the patchy nature of his intro than Josh Neiswander has to date.

Oski Wee Wee,


I think the buzz for Smith has quietened down on their forum with the one game success of Marsh this week . But, it's only a single game. Not sure if Montreal beat them or B.C beat themselves. And perhaps, some of that good offensive stuff from the Als might be because they now have an OC who understands this league.