Tanner Marsh

My favorite radio personality Ted Bird interviews Tanner Marsh`s offensive co-ordinator at Arkansas Tech who obviously has a very high opinion of him.

From part of his description of Marsh, there doesnt seem to be any reason why he shouldnt be running QB sneaks.

[url=http://www2.tsn.ca/window/podcastcentre/#podcastid=21339&id=17]http://www2.tsn.ca/window/podcastcentre ... 1339&id=17[/url]

There was never a legit reason not to run QB sneaks. Just Hawkins and Miller idiocy.

The guy has watched all 5 games and just sounds like they weren't his first.

2014 OC ? :wink:

He sounded knowledgeable, but after yesterday he better get some pro experience first. :smiley:

Some guys have come from College and done very well in the CFL. The problem here was a guy who agreed to conditions to get hired, everything around him was built with that in mind and then once he got the job he inexplicably decided to give a big FU to his boss.

When he did that meeting with the Impact coach over dinner I came away with the idea that he wasn't happy in Montreal and just wanted to go home. I really think this guy exemplifies "firing yourself".

Yeah, that's really the issue to me. Regardless of what we might think of Popp mandating that the new coach run Trestman's playbook, he made it clear up-front. Whoever became the HC of the Als knew what he was getting into. Hawkins accepted the position knowing what was expected of him and then proceeded to do exactly the opposite. Dude fired himself...

I honestly think the lack of pro coaching experience was an even bigger factor in his downfall than the lack of CFL experience. The man did not know how to coach men, that was clear from very early on. Sloppy, no attention to pro structure, too much cliché and not enough focus. Grown men who play pro football aren't going to be wowed by your buzzwords. They want a clear structure and focus, efficient practices, and to be generally put in a position to succeed.

Listening to the "Hawk's Nest" or whatever that show was called
You couldn't help notice how defensive Hawkins was
When some of this stuff was pointed out.
But his reasoning was pretty clear:
Under Trestman...the last couple seasons
Calvillo's passing percentage and qb rating were falling
And the Alouettes had known nothing but failure
In the post season

He didn't say it
But running at best a "vestigal" Trestman offence
When the REAL DEAL had failed 2 years straight
Seemed like complete folly to him.

What he didn't count on
Was a group of players, management, ownership and fan base
Puffed up by GLORY already more than 2 seasons out of context
Convinced that a mock Trestman offence would somehow
Lead to Grey Cup success
Again...when the genuine article had already run it's course
And the architect had moved on to fresher waters....

I'm not saying the Hawkins slant on things was the right one
It's something we'll never know
I AM saying that he was convinced the Trestman obsession is a mistake
And I imagine he believed if he could just get the players and everyone else on board
His way would have worked.

I wrote when Trestman left that the only way
To an even "moderate" Calvillo success
Was for the new coach to attempt to duplicate
Trestman's offence
But that is all it can ever be
A pathetic echo
Of a dream 2 years stale
And doomed to failure.


Maybe next time
Hope I'm around to see it

Now this one is a "chuckle"! :lol:

Its a good post and he makes a damn good case. But that's not what he had agreed to and it was not up to him to take the team down that road AT THIS TIME.

[quote="Senior Ah Me"}
He didn't say it
But running at best a "vestigal" Trestman offence
When the REAL DEAL had failed 2 years straight
Seemed like complete folly to him
Really HfxTC?! I seem to recall D and ST unit being more of an issue than the O. When the O puts up over 40 pts on the board and you lose the game, I completely disagree in that the O had failed!

Trestman for me is a great offensive mind and very organized HC but he didn't master the rest of the game like Don Matthews or Wally Buono.

[i]Senior is absolutely right! The special teams and the defence were great in 2011 and 2012. But, in those 2 years the offence struggled. Yup, Senior is absolutely right... He's right in another universe where things are reversed!!!!!!!!!

The only unit to function and excel in 2011 and 2012 was the offence. Give the 2011 and 2012 teams just a competent defence and special teams, and we might be talking about 4 straight Grey Cups.

Senior used to be funny. Now, he is just stale and predictable; same old, same old. Much like the 2011 and 2012 Alouettes' offence is in his mind... :roll: [/i]

This discussion has veered away from Tanner Marsh. I believe he is a strong big athlete. Of course he or the other QB should become involved in QB sneaks. The fact that team stands out as the only team in Canada that utilizes a crazy stupid 3rd and 1 procedure will, for certain, be addressed by the coaches.Tanner’s college coach certainly expressed an A-1 appraisal in this young man as athlete who should shine here in Canada. He’s big, he’s strong, he can run with power. this is just another example of how inadequate Hawkins was. Next time, we certainly put forth Canadian experience as a given in selecting a future coach.

Pour ce que j’ai vu de Marsh, il m’a paru très calme pour un quart qui venait tout juste d’arriver chez les pros. C’est toujours une qualité à rechercher.

Il a fait les choses simplement et a réussi la plupart de ses jeux.

Maintenant, il demeure qu’il lui faudra encore un bon 2 ans avant de maîtriser les subtilités du football canadien et de pouvoir aller sur le terrain autrement que pour faire des faufilades.

From Herb, the extra dimension Marsh brings:

Equally as impressive was Marsh’s ability to escape danger with his mobility. He gained 71 yards on nine carries, scoring on a six-yard carry.

“He’s able to use his legs to take off and run. When somebody can escape and use his legs, more might be made out of a play,? Popp said. “The defence has to defend you differently. They can’t just drop an extra guy or two into coverage. They may have to stay close to the line and worry about him.

That's all well and good, but now teams have a week of CFL game film on him. They will take away the deep shots, assign a QB spy, and force him into incompletions or picks unless he settles down on the short and intermediate throws.

And the Argos have DC Chris Jones too, one of the better DC in the CFL.

It will help a LOT if Whitaker is back. You beat Jones via the run, and specifically by bouncing runs to the outside. Jones plays that aggressive one-gap coverage. If we can run-block and get Whitaker to the outside, he's into the secondary before someone tackles him more often than not.

Taking away the deep passes and spying the QB might also make the short/underneath routes easier to complete as the "density" of defenders will be slightly reduced.

Looks like Popp is ready to make him the starter for sept. 3 as per rds. All he needs is the no go from AC or his doctors. If Milanovich wants to defend AC against criticism he can let him have a couple of easy wins the next two weeks should he return. :smiley:

Too bad I had to miss the ALS walk at Maisonneuve today but I'm glad it was a festive mood at least.