Tanner Marsh Released

Tanner Marsh ?@marshmadness16 1h1 hour ago
Thank you @MTLAlouettes for past 3 years, it has been a pleasure. Thank you mainly to the teammates and friends I've made. Good luck n 2016!

A good guy and teammate, but just didn`t have it as a QB.

Now what about Crompton?

1 down 1 to go...I gave them both the benefit of doubt but one can only give so much,it was time to move on.

The fumble near the goal line against Edmonton was the final straw .

There is a good chance someone will pick him up. Good guy who unfortunately was caught in the musical chair that was the last 3 years.

As a person? Sure. But you can't write checks off being a good guy. He was absolutely brutal this year and most of that is on him.

I'm not sure that CFL teams can afford the luxury of an Int'l QB who is a reliable short-yardage rusher, but can not be depended upon to execute a full game-plan ... when the starting QB is out with an injury.

Nice kid, but that's the situation .....

Bien dit. Tanner est vraiment un chic type. C’est quelqu’un d’affable et enjoué. Il sait faire un bon contact avec les gens et demeure toujours prêt donner tout ce qu’il peut.

Cela dit, cette dernière saison a clairement montré qu’il n’aura jamais ce qu’il faut pour être un quart-arrière professionnel. Lorsque je lui ai parlé à la fin de la saison, son ton laissait paraître qu’il s’attendait à ne pas revenir. Tant mieux s’il peut se trouver du boulot ailleurs, mais ou bien ce ne sera pas comme quart, ou bien ce sera comme quart #4. Compte tenu de sa mobilité, peut-être pourrait-il reluquer l’AFL, mais encore faudrait-il que l’idée l’intéresse.

Bonne chance Tanner, et merci pour tes efforts et ta disponibilité!

Yes, I'll be surprised if another CFL teams picks him up; and even more surprised if he breaks camp with said team.

We all knew of Marsh's fate back in November when Popp said that "he had his chance." Besides, the Als had too many qb's on the roster. If one's own social media is any indication, I get the feeling Tajh Boyd will be another qb who will not be back.

Wish Tanner well in whatever his future holds.

The Als now have SIX quarterbacks on the roster: Anthony Boone, Tajh Boyd, Bridge, Cato, Crompton and Glenn. I expect at least one will have to go and maybe more if Popp is able to sign anyone else he likes better. JC seems the obvious first choice to be cut; maybe JP is hoping some QB desperate team will offer some fresh athletic tape for JC.

Please God, get rid of Crompton. Absolutely no point in retaining him now with Glenn and Boyd in the fold.

appears no crompton fans left in montreal. funny that D&P likes QB boyd but okie sees him hitting the road like marsh. now as for marsh from this 1st game to his last game sadly there never was any real improvement. so for this arkansas state grad thanx for your alouette serve, you got to do something the rest of us never had a chance to do and remember this is just football not life so enjoy the rest of your life. :smiley:

and how long do you think boone is going to last with the alouettes?

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I never said I liked Boyd. But we did sign him, so that augurs for him at least getting a chance in TC to make the cut. Right now, to me, Glenn is the starter, with Cato at #2 / heir apparent and one of the rest (Bridge, Boone, Boyd, or possibly LeFevour if he's 100%) doing the short-yardage work as the #3 (since Rakeem is a bit ... uh ... slender for the QB sneaks). That doesn't leave any place for Crompton.

Also, I was never a Crompton fan. Chuck and duck, cliché-spouting black hole of personality with no ability to read the field.

So why does that get tacked onto my post?

LeFevour is the wild card. depends on his health, what they thought of his brief time practicing last summer and whether he wants to re-sign here or try his luck elsewhere.

I agree that Cato is likely the #2 but Bridge could give him a run at TC; so could anyone else for that matter, but I think those two start with he benefit of the doubt as the 2/3 and fight it out for who is which.

[i]Best of luck to Tanner. A good guy who struggled.

Now, why is Crompton still on the roster?! :roll: [/i]