Tank Reed released by TOR

Tank Reed
Toronto....It’s been Real. #FreeAgent
4:01 PM - Aug 15, 2018

Case of a really good player not able to settle down in one place…not sure why.
Probably Bear Woods healthy in Argo land this time.

When Reed was signed it seemed weird because TOR already had a middle linebacker (Woods). Then it came out that Woods wold start the season on the injured list. Clearly Reed was just a rental to them. You would think he, or his agent, could have figured that out easily enough and signed elsewhere, had there been other options.

A guy who’ll never be forgotten, in The Hammer.
I hope he gets another shot, somewhere.

If he was on the roster for week 10, his contract would have been guaranteed. :frowning:
It is a real crappy side of this business.

  1. Also as stated above, that is reported to be the main reason why Duron Carter was released in

Regina !!

It really is a joke regarding these players who sign big contracts, thinking they have some
security for a while, then end up getting cut because of these rules regarding vets contracts.

Employment in private industry -- if you don't like the deal, don't sign.
No way money is the only issue in Carter's release by SSK.

Cats should take a look.we are bad against the run

and play a 3-4 defense for the first time in 10 years?

A guy who'll never be forgotten, in The Grey Cup, BC Place, November 30, 2014 in the last minute of the game. Biggest boneheaded illegal block... if he gets another shot, better be elsewhere.

This is my lasting impression of Tank Reed as a Ti-Cat .....So to those saying bring him back ? Thanks but NO THANKS !!!! ?

Good pic BoBo. Clearly Reed is blocking the Calgary player in the back. But, don’t players sometimes twist to make sure they are contacted “illegally”? Do you think that’s whats going on here? Is Reed at fault for letting his man get wide enough to slip by him? If Reed elects to not throw the block, could Sinkfield have have made one to spring Banks? Just askin’

Personally, I would take Reed at MLB over Bear Woods every time. Woods is the most overrated player at LB in this league. TSN love him because of his name and the dreads. His play is average at best. Lots of tackles, 6-11 yards down field.

Thanks for reminding me (not).

The Mrs and I were in the stands in BC Place. . . went from the highest high to the lowest low in seconds.

Not really. If you look at the Calgary players hips, Reed is almost 90% to him. The Calgary player is turning his upper body and dipping trying to get around Reed. Both of Reeds legs are ahead of the Calgary players. That particular official threw the flag based on his view of the play.

I never disputed the penalty based on what the refs were able to see. And I think it was a foolish block by Reed given the high probability of a flag being thrown and the low probability of the player being able to catch Banks.

However, I believe the CAL player admitted later that he took a dive when the force of the block itself wasn’t necessarily enough to knock him over. It makes him less of a man, and taints the victory for CAL, but I’m sure he is happy to have the Grey Cup ring. Especially given that they have not been able to win another Cup with their honour intact.

Well that statement is for sure open for debate. I am sure coaches and team mates loved him for it, he got a bigger cheque because of it. Bringing his man hood into the debate is a whole new can of worms. I am a massive Cats fan and I couldn't even recollect which Calgary player received the bump. If I thought he did that big of an injustice I would have actively looked up the players name at the time. Soccer players all over the world are trained to dive in the name of advantage for their team. Sport causes people to do many different things.
I hope you are right with the Calgary Karma but I have never thought about it.

And during his comments to the crowd at the Hall of Fame Game in Hamilton the year of his induction, Doug Flutie admitted that his infamous fumble on a crucial 3rd down gamble in the 1996 Grey Cup should have been ruled a turnover to Edmonton, but wasn't. It's football. Shit happens.

Bring him in. If he’s an upgrade its an improvement on the d.if not you don’t have to keep him check his stats from last year they’re damn good

Will Reed rejoin the Argos?

Bear Woods Update: After back surgery and re-shaping his body, Bear Woods practised full go for the first time in months last week. He made an INT, then [b]fell and broke his left hand[/b]. Woods is practising in a cast and hasn’t yet ruled out playing this week with a club #CFL #Argos