Tank Reed Released by Stamps ?

It's pretty insane that a proven solid Canadian won't ever get to play because of the rules that say we need a certain number of Canadians. I understand why It's too risky to play him, just ironic that the whole rule that makes us need him is what screws him over now.

Great point!
We can't play Daly because he is Canadian. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

As I've mentioned earlier, if it makes sense to play both Stephen at corner and Daly at safety over either Vaughn of Sermons at corner and Stephen at safety, there is absolutely nothing to prevent that. We would just play an extra national on defence, and then either Vaughn or Sermons could be the backup at corner with Stephen moving to safety if it's Daly being replaced.

The number on nationals is a minimum. We can go over at any time if our national players are better than our internationals. It wouldn't be the first time.

If you think about it, we had 4 National Safeties during the off-season. One of them (Butler - the starter) had a season-ending injury before training camp started. OK - we had Daley, Stephen, and Langa aw National replacements. We also had two VERY good International CBs - both of whom ended their season before it could even start during TC. Because of this, OS and KA thought that the absolute best place to play Stephen was at Safety, rather than CB. We then had Daley and Langa to back him up; with Daley being the only legitimate backup as Langa has been strictly a ST player.

At this point, Langa is on the 6-game list, so there is ONE backup Safety. The injuries to our backfield all came at horrible times, giving KA and Tillman little time to find either Nat or Int talent. There have been a number of International players that have been cut by NFL teams, but we all know how difficult it is for rookie NFL (rookie in the sense that they have never played in the CFL) players, especially DBs, to adjust to all the nuances of the Canadian game.

Tl;dr - Not enough time to find capable replacements due to the high number of injuries.

Of course they can do that. The issue is injuries. We have no backups. If someone gets hurt, we're Fu#$ED

Of course they can do that. The issue is injuries. We have no backups. If someone gets hurt, we're Fu#$ED

The recruiting by the team this year has been underwhelming, just my opinion Lads. :wink: :wink: :cowboy:

The RodBlacks looooooove XCats. :wink: :wink:

In this scenario, if Stephen gets hurt, whichever of Sermons or Vaughn was sitting comes in to replace him. If it's Daly that gets hurt, same thing but with Stephen moving over to safety. No impact on the ratio in either case as they were playing an extra national on defence (or technically, one of the unrestricted international on defence was sitting on the bench).

Whaaaaa. You mean we couldve got Tank back but he went to the BUMCRACKS..

Noooooooooooooo :cry:

Why did CGY dump him..

Truth be told im a big tank fan but the Dean of pain is playing really well.

Lol great name but you forgot to yell it.

We think alike saved me time typing this all out, this was my next stab at how to get Daly on the field. The whole season I have been thinking why not just start 8 nationals, if injuries happen you shuffle and go down to 7 national starters and continue on with the game.

Wonder what this Tweet from Reed means? I take it he previously played in front of fans that didn't care?



Probably just meant to say thanks to the fans who reached out twitter and showed their support for him. If its a shot at Hamilton fans well he is wrong and short sighted, if he would have read this forum there was a lot of love for him and anger when the Stamps signed him.

I'm really not sure how you could interpret this as a "slight" against any other team. Reed doesn't indicate that any of the fans that reached out to him were from any particular team. Could have just been CFL fans. We really don't know. Nor can we infer intent from what is provided. Unless, of course, one was actively looking for a reason to be offended.

The biggest question I have after reading his tweet is whether he's glad that he was a part of the Calgary organization, or he's glad he's now apart from the Calgary organization. #propergrammarisimportant


I don't really care that much - certainly not offended - just wondering what he meant by "refreshing". I'm guessing he's not a wordsmith and didn't put a lot of thought into the tweet. But if you took it literally, then "refreshing" means he was pleasantly surprised by his experience in Calgary, or that it was better than he's experienced in the past.

No scandal here. I was bored in the absence of other things to talk about.