Tank Reed Released by Stamps ?

Twitter seems to suggest Reed has been released . Hmmmmmmm

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/reed-tweets-he-s-been-released-by-stamps-1.565501]http://www.tsn.ca/reed-tweets-he-s-been ... s-1.565501[/url]

So? Larry Dean is MUCH better at MIKE, Reed can't cover SB's at SAM, and I would take Simoni at WILL every day of the week...

(Or reverse SAM and WILL, I get confused sometimes... lol)

Put Dean at outside linebacker and move Rico back into the secondary, as of right now with the way the d-backfield is looking I'd take the risk of possibly playing Dean out of position, maybe switch him and Simoni up with Reed inside. Just spit-balling they really need to do something, Sermons and Vaughan just aren't working out.

Reed knows Orlondos defence, he would fit in seamlessly and is very popular with his teammates

I can see him in the black and gold

GROVER -- "Reed knows Orlondos defence, he would fit in seamlessly and is very popular with his teammates"

I'm afraid everyone knows Orlondo's defense now.....

I hope the Stamps at least gave him a Grey Cup ring since he helped them win it in 2014. :roll:

He was a beast . Never big runs up the middle with him there

Sign him back, sign Keon Raymond to Rico Murrays spot and put Rico in the secondary. from there start Daly at safety and get stephens back at corner.

On that note that should free up a spot for an import, take Matt Coates out for John Chiles.

Stop you guys are making too much sence. Fix the defence and run the ball? Who would have thunk It!

Would agree about bringing in Reed if he can fit into the LB-ing corps and moving Murray back to the secondary to provide more experience there (although I recall he played HB not CB), but every time I see a suggestion to move Stephen back to CB and start Daly at safety I have to scratch my head. Nothing against Daly who is certainly talented enough and CS who played well at CB, but what equally talented national players are going to back them up? Unless there is sufficient national depth that is just a recipe for disaster if either of them are hurt during a game.

Oh and if they thought Raymond would be an asset I'm sure they would have signed him by now. Dean has played well and continues to improve at MLB so Raymond would not likely be an upgrade.

Every suggestion up until now has been to add a national on the defence so we can play one less on offence. But what if we just play an extra national on defence without adjusting the count on offence. Move Stephen to corner, and play Daly at safety, with an unrestricted ("undesignated") international on the bench. That allows them to replace either one with an international at corner, with the remaining of the two nationals at safety.

If that's the right players on defence, then just do it.

That's about the only thing that might work - starting more than the required 7 nationals. As long as they have good backups to replace any of the seven required players should someone be injured.

I suppose the players they have now wouldn't bee too bad as backups. The downside to this is that they'd miss Daly on special teams, as they probably wouldn't want to risk losing him to injury there.

We have Jay Langa to back Daly up. The only real question would be who backs Stephens up lol. Gotta work Chiles in somehow and Matt Coates is easily the weak point in an otherwise strong receiving corps. Not to knock the guy or anything, hes good but hes a star among superstars and Chiles is far better of a player.

Not now we don't. He was injured on Labour Day and put on the 6-Game Injured List.

Just signed by OTT! :frowning:
Absolutely the worse case scenario.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 7m7 minutes ago
#Redblacks sign LB @Tank_Reed1911. Was on the market less than a day after release by @calstampeders. #CFL #Ticats

So, if Reed can’t cover SB’s, what makes you think Dean can? They’re about the same size. Theres a reason they’re MLB’s… its their size. A man of their size cannot play SAM.

I wish people would give up the dream of Daly starting as well as Stephen. It simply cannot happen. We do not have the national depth to be able to deal with an injury, especially with Langa now gone too.

I think Dean is a better linebacker than Reed is probably the difference, also don't think you realize Reed has about 20lbs on Dean, and Lawrence is actually bigger than Dean, he isn't some massive slow middle linebacker sitting in the middle he is very mobile, anyways like I said was just spit balling I obviously knew that crackpot theory wasn't going to play out...but I said it because I do think it is a joke that Daly has to sit on the sidelines after proving on multiple occasions he can be a difference maker on the field while we have had Lee, Pointer, Vaughan, Sermons, C. Davis, Ellis all getting lit up like Christmas trees and missing tackles all over the place. Will Daly see the field? No Austin has made that pretty obvious and the lack of Canadian depth is a massive issue (which I think the team should have prepared for much better) but I will keep talking about it just like I will keep saying Gable needs to get more than one carry in the first half ... it's fruitless just like all posts on this forum but people seem to agree and it helps with venting some frustrations during this very frustrating season.