Tank Reed agrees to new contract

per Drew Edwards

As for penalty that cost #Ticats a #GreyCup… my guess is @Tank_Reed1911 will be supremely motivated in 2015. And fans have forgiven.
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Drew Edwards @scratchingpost · 4m 4 minutes ago
#Ticats @Tank_Reed1911 a guy who knew little about #CFL when he arrived (@Jeff_Reinebold talked him into coming) & has come to love it.
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Drew Edwards @scratchingpost · 7m 7 minutes ago
#Ticats LB @Tank_Reed1911 just favourited my Tweet about his re-signing. It's what passes for confirmation these days.
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Drew Edwards @scratchingpost · 11m 11 minutes ago
Hearing a new deal between the #Ticats & @Tank_Reed1911 is all but done. Another pending FA off the board. #CFL
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Great news!!! :thup:


He was a pillar in last year's defense. Continuity is a great thing. I hope Hickman signs soon. :rockin:

I love tank coming back. He grew as the year went on and is an important piece to this defense.
I would rather GM finds next Hickman. Younger is better in the CFL unless Hickman will sign for a reasonable amount. I do agree DE with Hickman's talent are hard to find but I was slightly underwhelmed by his play last year. Some say he was too heavy but with the DTs we have he should have had more of an impact IMO.

WONDER BAR :cowboy:

If I remember correctly, Hickman did say at the end of the season that a) he wanted to return to Hamilton
b) he would be working to get to better playing weight
for the CFL (I could be wrong on this one)

Fully agree with all of the above posters that having Reed remain (obviously he has not signed on the dotted line yet) is GREAT news! :thup: :thup: :smiley: He was one potential free agent that I felt would be important to keep in black and gold. I'm sure he wants to atone for his mistake too with even more solid play. He will only get better in his second season. :rockin:

I believe that you are correct. It is now a matter of how players like Hickman, Giguere,Grant, etc will fit into the SMS.

Sam Giguere already turned us down but now with Banks, There is only 3 must haves left Grant, Hickman, Ellingson

I don't see those 3 as must have's at all. Our secondary needs more warm bodies than our receiving corp.
Grant is a glue guy. Like an old car that is worth more to you than the book value. Ellingson basically missed the season last year and is as good as gone in my opinion through free agency.

The priority was Banks. Now that is done the dominoes are beginning to fall, however it will need to be in the confines of the cap.
Reed is first done.
Hickman will/should be next.
Grant is likely next in line.
Giguere likely not fit into the cap with Montreal likely planned room for him and Ottawa for sure has the room.
Ellingson as well I suspect will be in Ottawa. Hamilton just does not have room for him with Tasker and Koch both under contract. Ottawa and Burris would be more than excited to reconnect on the 800 yard 2013 season. There will be others interested in Ellingson as well.
Toronto has lost another receiver to the NFL. Have yet to re sign Jason Barnes which is a bit of a surprise. National Spencer Watt has played his way to a solid starting National receiver so he is likely willingly hitting the market.
No one is going to tip their hand before FA opens.
In Calgary Sinopoli is in a similar situation as Ellengson. More money and more playing time elsewhere in less crowded receiving groups

I almost feel sorry for the offenses in the league with us letting him loose again...great sign...p.s...."favorite???"...here in Canada we use the English not the american language..."favourite is the spelling"...no many years in school I guess...I need to get out more..ha..ha..Cheers!

Reed had a great season maybe too great. After is 2013 season spending full time in NFL camp before final cuts hit Bombers PR during extended October period but also got the call back to the NFL as PR player.
Did Reed sign past the 2015 season? If not I would suspect that he will have a lot of NFL interest post 2015 if he has any kind of season he had in 2014 and if he can stay healthy.
Plesius has really not been a favorite of Austin and with all of the National depth at DT to go with starters Butler and Stephan.
A possibility that the Riders could make a play for Pleius. With the signing of Woodson T.O. Prime can move back to primarily LB and teams.
Could lead to the signing of Rennie Curren to form a trios with Reed and Lawrence. With Curren likely not going to get any NFL chances anymore could step right in a MLB in 2016 should Reed get major NFL attention as I suspect.
Plesius a bit bigger than the Safety type WillLB now is freakishly fast and playde most of his CIS Career as WillLB. SO he could be an answer as a starter at WillLB for the Riders and a supstancial upgrade in any back up at MLB now.

The Riders have Shea Emry, a Canadian linebacker who is a starter. They don't need Fredo but the Cats do. He's great on the teams and is one injury from being an every down linebacker. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy on the east side of THF)

I fully agree the huge benefit he brings to the Cats. The question is how much does he agree with playing a back up role. How much does Austin consider him as a starter should Reed get NFL contract next year?
The Riders do have Emery but are in need of a second National Starter on defense. Plesius is fast enough for his size to play WillLB where the Riders have no starter as of yet. Also if Emery should get injured Plesius can move to the Middle. Right now the Riders have International Kilgore as their other MLB.

By that same token, Fredo can fill right in for Reed if Tank is injured as well. FWIR, he rotated in a few times during the year, so I think you're grasping at straws with this situation. It really IS far-fetched.

Remember back to the game in TO, and the fateful offside call near the Hamilton goal line, Plesius was in the centre of that. So, he has played during those critical downs. I would like to see him get more on field time.

@old fan - I know that he was in on specific packages and formations, but he was also playing MLB in "normal" situations too.

I hadn't noticed him playing the middle. Thank you for that, DCF.