Tanenbaum (MLSE) Not Happy With CFL and XFL/USFL Discussion

@Stickweld21 Those are some outstanding and loaded posts with some good data in them for sure.

Like you, we are far from the only ones in agreement any more on the general direction and necessity of expansion, though some of course will hotly debate any expansion to the US as the beat of the drum goes on and on about Halifax or wherever in Canada.

But the new revenue flows are evidently there for gridiron football that is not the NFL, and the allure and the necessity of new revenue streams are too great.

I don't see expansion any more as a question of "if?" but questions of "when and how?," which we have also hotly debated on this forum every single off-season, and I figure we get there somehow in the second half of this decade. It's scary to think it's not terribly far away too.

One peril on which many of us otherwise do agree, with a whole lot of debate as well, is any given number of gimmick ideas that abound.

Here I am not talking merely about the debate on downs amidst any given other changes in rules including the inevitable, but that most also do not want expansion for sake of also any given new gimmicks as exhibited and now in experimentation in the spring leagues. Gimmicks for an established sport might generate short-term interest, but they wear off quickly and have no staying power beyond a mere fad.

Now to get back to the core of this thread and the larger discussion. Expansion and new ideas can be great, but just WHO will pay for it besides the stakes of Genius sports?

Will it be Tanenbaum, or who else will step up to that plate with him or go at it otherwise?

Without a strong such presence and proponent with the capital and connections to build it, any given number of these ideas would be all for naught even with Genius Sports on board.